Hatsan Mod 95 Air Rifle Review

Hatsan Mod 95 Air Rifle Review

Practicing hunting or shooting comes with many challenges. Besides the required skill and sense of intuition, one of the big challenges many shooters have is finding a suitable air gun that meets their requirements.

As with normal guns, air rifles come in various shapes, sizes, and features. Because of all these things, it can be a little challenging to choose what best fits your needs. Luckily, this review can aid you with your search.

You should be looking for something that is high-quality, with fine materials and manufacturing behind it. You will also be looking for efficient mechanisms, accuracy, and exceptional performance in whichever air rifle you select.

If that’s the case, then you might be interested in checking out this impressive gun. In this article, we’re here with a Hatsan mod 95 air rifle review to help you choose.

Hatsan Mod 95 Air Rifle

Everything You Need to Know About The Mod 95

General Product Features

Turkish-made, Hatsan is one of the world’s leading gun manufacturers. It has earned this reputation because its products get thoroughly tested before being released. The Hatsan 95 Mod is a great example of such a product.

The Hatsan 95 is a single shot, break barrel spring-piston powered air rifle.

Here are the main features of the Hatsan 95 air rifle.

Strong Build

The first thing you’ll notice when you check out this air rifle is its sturdy appearance. The stock of the Mod 95 is made from Turkish-walnut, which looks elegant and is highly durable. The gun’s stock is also equipped with a padded butt to help absorb the recoil.

Also, there’s checkering on both sides of the grip and forearm. This keeps your hands from slipping away and guarantees you will always maintain a firm hold. The stock’s design is great for both the right and left-handed out there.

Another thing to admire is the golden-colored metal trigger. It’s gold-plated and may be the cause of some inquisitive looks as it sets off the walnut stock perfectly for a powerful first impression.

The Hatsan 95 has a large muzzle brake, which makes cocking easier. Since this is a single-shot pellet gun, you will need to cock the muzzle before you shoot. Therefore it is essential for the movement to be smooth.

In addition to that, it’s equipped with a sound moderator to reduce the noise when shooting. Even with the moderator though, it wouldn’t be considered one of the quietest air rifles available.

Overall, the finishing is high-quality, and unlike a lot of the newer style air rifles being produced nowadays, it comes with minimum use of plastic throughout its design.

Hatsan Mod 95 Air Rifle - Sound Moderator

Shock Absorber System

This is another feature that makes this air rifle unique. The shock-absorber system helps reduce vibration. It should keep you stable as you shoot and reduce slippage. This nifty feature helps increase the longevity of the gun’s body, optic system, and accessories.

Rifled Barrel

The rifled steel barrel ensures precision because it allows the pellets to spin. Made from German steel inside and out, this barrel is considered a noteworthy feature.


The Hatsan 95 comes in 3 types of calibers, being a .177, .22 and .25, though there is no difference in the general design between the three.

As for which one is the best for you, the choice is entirely dependent on your preference and what you plan on shooting at.

Because there are three different calibers, there are of course 3 types of ammo to fit each caliber air rifle.

Choosing ammo depends on how you use the gun. For instance, .177 is the lightest of these types of ammo. It can be used for target practice and other light activities.

So, before choosing your caliber and ammo, it’s important you decide on your activity beforehand.

Hatsan Mod 95 Air Rifle - Fibre Optics

Tru-Glo Fiber Optics

The optics system in this gun should have your attention. The micro-adjustable rear and front sights should allow you to achieve perfect aim and make your shot every time.


It’s clear that this air gun provides great accuracy. Starting from its firm grip, to its shock absorber feature, the aim should always be on point.

Also, Hatsan is known for running many tests on its products. This helps maintain better accuracy and performance over time.


Another feature that’s worth pointing out is this gun’s incredible velocity. One thing that makes Hatsan stand out as a manufacturer is that they use lead pellets in their tests.

Other manufacturers use lightweight pellets in their tests to prove their products’ velocity. Based on the tests by Hatsan, you can expect to achieve up to the following velocities depending on the caliber chosen:

  • .177 cal – 1000 fps
  • .22 cal – 800 fps
  • .25 cal – 650 fps

Therefore, if you use this air gun, you’ll notice its efficiency and sharp precision, plus it’s stopping power.


Although it definitely has some great features, there are some drawbacks you should consider if you were looking at purchasing the Hatsan Mod 95.

At 8.4 lbs just for the rifle, some users have found it to be a heavy airgun. This can be an issue if you want to teach your kids about hunting or shooting. Also, this drawback might make it harder for you to carry it around often, especially if you are having to walk long distances.

If you plan on using it for hunting in the neighborhood, then you might want to reconsider your plan. Even though it doesn’t produce too much noise, it is still considered loud for an air rifle and could disturb your closest neighbors.

Unique Selling Points

In this section, we’ll discuss the most celebrated points of this product. These reasons make the Hatsan 95 more of a better choice compared to other options.

Combination Of Value And Price

What’s quite surprising about this product is its affordable price. Compared to other products with the same quality, this product’s price stands out.

If you’re still a beginner, this air rifle should be something to consider. Since beginners tend to try their luck first, they mostly have a small budget. This gun should work out for them. In addition to the good price, the quality should encourage beginners to practice more as their experience is enjoyable from the start.

If you’re an experienced shooter, you’ll possibly like to add this gun to your collection. It might be your next faithful hunting companion.

Also, it should require no special care. We only recommend that you oil your air rifle regularly, preferably every 250 shots. Make sure you clean the barrel every 500 shots to increase the lifetime of your air gun.

Power And Accuracy

A lot of manufacturers advertise velocity and power, but the case isn’t true when it comes to real life. But this isn’t the case here.

After looking up many reviews, we found that users have pointed out these features over and over again. The checkered grip, Tru-Glo fiber optics sight, and vibration-reduction features aid the gun’s overall accuracy.

The accuracy that Hatsan 95 promised has been proven to be true. Many users have praised its performance and how it’s up to their expected standards.

Also, it provides great velocity, reaching a speed of up to 1000 FPS for the .177 cal rifle. Not only does it provide incredible speed, it also combines it with the needed take down force.

This rifle is designed for specific requirements and uses. It’s best used for small game hunting, target practice, and other close-range activities. The effective shooting range is 50 yards.

Hatsan Mod 95 Air Rifle - Trigger

Safety Mechanism

This Hatsan gun is equipped with an automatic drop safety interlock. This means that if you drop it by accident, this mechanism should reduce the chances of accidental firing. This drop safety interlock should work whether or not you have safety on.

Also, its trigger has a remarkable feature that should ensure your safety. After every time you cock your rifle, the safety will automatically be on. Then, you’ll only have to push it forward to shoot. This trigger safety option makes the process of cocking the rifle easier and smoother.

It’s important that your gun has an efficient and reliable safety mechanism, because your well-being, and that of people around you, depends on it.

Hatsan Mod 95 Spring Piston Air Rifle

Hatsan Mod 95 Air Rifle Verdict

Whether you’re a beginner or an amateur shooter, the Hatsan 95 is an excellent option to consider. Its features might be everything you’ve been looking for in your next air rifle.

To start with, you’ll probably admire its powerful and clean appearance. With high-end materials and mistake-proof manufacturing, the Hatsan 95 has that covered.

The second reason to choose this rifle is its efficiency and accuracy. As a hunter, it’s essential that your air gun is as precise as possible, or else it’ll cause you unnecessary trouble and effort. The Mod 95 does this with ease.

With such high-quality craftsmanship and build, it can be quite hard to find a good rifle at an affordable price. Another reason why this gun is potentially a great fit for the avid shooter with its reasonable price.

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