Best Air Rifles For Kids Reviews

Best Air Rifles For Kids – Making The Right Choices For Children

These are what we consider to be some of the the best air rifles for kids on the market today:

Recommendations For The Top Rated Best Kids Air Rifles

Crosman Classic 2100 Rifle

Crosman Classic 2100 177 Cal Bolt Action Air Rifle

Everyone loves a classic movie or song, and for the hunters of the world there is nothing more nostalgic than holding their first firearm. For many that is the Crosman Classic 2100 Rifle.

This pneumatic rifle is the standard for value rifles. A real timeless piece that still takes down pests as well as small game animals, and is plain, old fun to shoot still.

The ability to modify this weapon adds to value of it. A really great firearm for the budding hunter in the family.


The perfect gun for preteen learners it is light and not too complicated to maneuver. It weighs a great 2.13 pounds and is only a quarter inch shy of 40 inches long.

Apart from this the weapon is a real easy fire with a bolt action pump system. The sights are a fixed fiber optic blade in the front and a fully adjustable rear with a dovetail rail that has mounting capability for a scope.

The standard .177 caliber steel BB or lead pellet is what is used for ammunition, and are loaded into a 17 round magazine. The reservoir has a max fill of 200 shots keeping things moving.

The barrel is rifled steel helping to improve accuracy, with the stock and forearm being made of synthetic materials making it durable and easy to clean.


All in all, this weapon is the right price for the performance that you get. It’s easy to use and tough enough to withstand the potential beatings from younger hunters who are learning the ropes.

It will not slow down the hunter with its light weight and will not be too unwieldy for the hunter. This firearm truly does have a nice feel to it as well.

It has a plain and simple beauty that is not overstated. It does the job and keeps coming back for more.


The safety feature on the Crosman Classic 2100 Rifle is a little bit of an afterthought since it is just a simple trigger safety. It would have been a bit better if it was put in a better location.

Daisy Red Ryder 1938 BB Gun Kit

Daisy Red Ryder 1938 BB Gun Kit

Kids are often envious of adults who go shooting and hunting but their age simply prevents them from doing anything but look on.

Laws are quite clear about prohibitions and it’s hard to argue since these were put in place to protect them. That said, there are types of kit that can be handled by kids of a certain age without any worries.

For instance, take a look at the Daisy Red Ryder 1938 BB Gun Fun Kit. This classic has been around for several decades and it is still as popular as ever.


The Red Ryder is just 35.4 inches in length and weighs a mere 2.2 pounds which make them easy to handle for smaller users.

It takes in .177 caliber BBs as ammunition and can send them flying in a maximum speed of 350 fps.

The stock is made from stained solid wood with the model name carved on one side. The barrel is made from smooth bore steel which gives it heft.

Max shooting distance is up to 195 yards which should be good enough for the intended users.

The action comes from the cocking of a lever and spring air. It can be put to safety using a crossbolt trigger block.

This BB gun has a capacity of 650 shots for hours of practice. The receiver is stamped metal including a saddle ring with leather thong.

For the sights, the front has a blade and ramp configuration while the rear is open and adjustable. This is recommended by the manufacturer for the use of individuals aged 10 and up under adult supervision.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Kid-friendly
  • Classic looks
  • Large capacity


  • Paint can peel quickly
  • Reliability issues

The Daisy Red Ryder 1938 BB Gun is a classic that is loved by both kids and adults.

Black Ops Junior Sniper Rifle – Multi-Pump BB/Pellet Airgun

Black Ops Junior Sniper Rifle - Multi-Pump BB Pellet Airgun

This is a bestselling BB gun for younger enthusiasts that can also use pellets. Of course, that doesn’t stop more senior individuals from enjoying it.

The air rifle has gain many fans thanks to its sleek looks, great features, and good performance.

The Black Ops Junior Sniper Rifle – Multi-Pump BB/Pellet Airgun is touted to be highly accurate, consistent, and durable.

What’s more, owners have the ability to customize their device in many ways through different optics and accessories.

The price isn’t bad either with a retail price that hovers around $50.


This junior sniper rifle is just under 40 inches in overall length with a 20-inch barrel. It weighs 4.41 pounds which isn’t feather-light but is makes it easy to carry around.

This .177 caliber rifle can shoot at a max velocity of 675 feet per second. Shot capacity could be higher but many will be satisfied with 50.

It is meant to be used for plinking in the yard and other fun activities, not serious hunting or competitions.

Trigger pull is at 6.25 pounds which is substantial compared to other models. Cocking effort requires between 2 to 10 pumps.

The power to shoot comes from a multi-pump pneumatic system. Both front and rear sights feature fiber optics. There is an included 4×15 scope in the package.

The body of the rifle is a combination of metal and ABS plastic which has good reviews in terms of durability. Loudness is around the same level as most BB guns.


  • Customizable with accessories
  • Incredible value for money
  • Sleek modern styling
  • Very durable


  • Manual safety
  • Hard trigger

The Black Ops Junior Sniper Rifle – Multi-Pump BB/Pellet Airgun is an impressive device for this price point. In terms of performance, it can compete with much more expensive models.

Beeman Sportsman Model AR2078B-177 Jr. Air Rifle with Diopter Peep Sight

Beeman AR2078B-177 Air Gun Rifle

Serious shooters will want serious hardware. If you have enjoyed plinking with your old gun but found it inadequate for target shooting, then it may be time to upgrade to a more sporty model.

The Beeman Sportsman Model AR2078B-177 Jr. Air Rifle with Diopter Peep Sight might just be what you are looking for. It was designed for beginners to intermediate shooters who demand good accuracy and lots of shots per fill for uninterrupted practice.


This .177 caliber air rifle is just over 39 inches in length with the weight being dependent on the actual configuration. It is powered by CO2 cartridges of the 12-gram variety. You must buy two of these separately.

It can send pellets to the air at a maximum velocity of 650 feet per second – more than enough to punch holes on your paper targets. It does so quite accurately as well. The included diopter peep sight definitely helps with this.

Go ahead and use it for target practice up to 10 yards. Be amazed at how accurate the shots are. Impress your friends with your newfound prowess. Thanks to the CO2 cartridge system, you will no longer have to waste energy trying to cock a spring or compress gas so often.

The cartridges will deliver the power required automatically every time in an even manner. It’s a pretty air rifle as well with a rich brown Beech stock and ergonomic curves.


  • High precise shots
  • CO2 cartridge system
  • Diopter peep sight
  • Great light trigger


  • Slightly expensive
  • Front and rear sight misalignment

The Beeman Sportsman Model AR2078B-177 Jr. Air Rifle with Diopter Peep Sight will not disappoint if you are aiming for accuracy, though you might want to check out other models in this category as well.

Ruger Explorer Youth .177 Caliber pellet Airgun

Ruger Explorer Youth Break Barrel .177 Caliber Pellet Gun Air Rifle - Right

The Ruger Explorer Youth .177 Caliber pellet gun is an extremely sharp and cutting edge air rifle at an entry level price. It’s designed for young shooters and has a sleek, black, modern skeleton stock that reduces weight and looks super cool!


Features of the Ruger explorer include single shot spring piston break barrel air rifles design, ant-slam trigger, anti-bear trap mechanism, vented cheek piece, ambidextrous grip, fixed fiber optic sights, 12 inch length of pull, blued receiver, adjustable rear fiber optic sight, rubber recoil pad, skeleton stock, and automatic safety.

At a price for less than 100 dollars, all of these features make this gun a supreme value.


For youth shooters this is a great rifle because it is light weight and easy to cock. For young kids or those that aren’t strong enough to cock some of the higher end rifles, it’s a great alternative. The other thing I like about this is the price. It’s less than 100 dollars and most entry level rifles on the market are over that.


This rifle is not very powerful which is to be expected for the price and the audience it is made for. It would be nice if it were a little more punchy but you get what you pay for. It is much easier and lighter to handle but you lose out on power and accuracy. The sights on the gun also seem sort of fragile and the accuracy is only sort of ok.

Overall the Ruger Explorer Youth .177 Caliber pellet Airgun is a good value for the young shooter but if you’re looking for a light weight rifle for plinking, I would look elsewhere because you will sacrifice power and durability for the light weight.

Gamo 6110026154 Recon Whisper G2 Youth Air Rifle with Electronic Green Dot Sight

Gamo Recon Whisper G2 Youth Air Rifle

Young people who would like to practice their aim should be given something that suitable for their age. Gamo has developed their Youth Precision Airgun series of products to meet the demands of this market segment.

Of course, there is nothing stopping older people from getting their own if they like the units. It is light, cheap, feature-packed, and simply fun to use.

Be sure to take precautionary measures when using this .177 caliber air rifle. Despite using pellets for ammunition, it can still cause accidents without warning.


The Gamo 6110026154 Recon Whisper G2 Youth Air Rifle with Electronic Green Dot Sight certainly has an earful for a name.

Behind this is a gun that is worth getting to know more. It is 41.6 inches from end to end with a 19.4 inch barrel and a weight of 4.41 pounds. It has a synthetic stock with ambidextrous grip.

Power comes from a spring piston mechanism using break barrel action. Cocking effort is rated at 19.1 pounds while trigger pull is at 3.1 pounds.

Like many of its kind, you can put a scope on its 11mm dovetail rail. Use the fiber optic front sight and the adjustable rear sight to lock in on the target. When you’re ready, use the two-stage adjustable trigger to take the shot.

The maximum velocity reached by the pellets is 750 feet per second. The noise will be heard around the vicinity but not at an obnoxious level. A ventilated rubber butt plate will shield users from recoil. Shot capacity is limited to one.


  • Inexpensive
  • Low cocking effort
  • Included green dot sight w/ mount
  • Built-in noise dampener


  • Manual safety
  • Wobbly sights

The Gamo 6110026154 Recon Whisper G2 Youth Air Rifle with Electronic Green Dot Sight is a good option for young people who want to start plinking.

Also check out this great video on getting a pellet gun other other type of firearm for your kids.  Some great tips:

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