Best 25 Caliber Air Rifle – High Powered And Great Choices!

If you are looking for something in an air gun that is a bit higher powered, a .25 may be the right choice.  We went through most of the best 25 caliber air rifles and have some of what we consider to be some great recommendations.

Recommendations For Top Rated Best 25 Caliber Air Rifles

Walther MaximaThor Air Rifle

Walther is a highly respected name in the firearms industry and its MaximaThor Rifle certainly lives up to the brand's reputation. Those who are in the market for a new air rifle would do well to consider this model for their latest acquisition. The feedback has been great so far with owners enjoying its use in various conditions. Seasoned hunters will probably want to use this to catch small-to-medium size game in the wild. Below are some of the highlights of this product:


The Walther MaximaThor Air Rifle is designed to please even the most demanding hunters. The company's renowned German precision engineering was put to good use in the creation of this gun. It features bolt action, a built-in manometer, an 8-round rotary magazine, a Lothar Walther steel barrel, an adjustable match trigger, a thick rubber recoil pad, and Minelli hardwood stock. It is ambidextrous so left and right-handed shooters can use it with ease, especially with its comfortable curves that fit nicely in the hands.

This .22 caliber air rifle can reach velocities of more than 1000 fps which should be good enough for most hunters. It uses a pre-charged pneumatic or PCP mechanism to generate pressure of around 200 bar or 2,900 psi max. The product weighs 9.6 pounds with an overall length of 41.75 inches and barrel length of 23.5 inches. Optional accessories include filling tubes, and Walther 6x42 scope & rings. It can also accommodate accessories from other manufacturers.


  • Ambidextrous cheekpiece
  • Ergonomic stock
  • Automatic safety
  • Quick fill port
  • Excellent reliability
  • Vibration reduction technology
  • Lifetime warranty


  • A bit heavy
  • Generates loud noise

If you don't mind the weight and the noise, then you should be very happy with the Walther MaximaThor Air Rifle. Its accuracy, reliability, and ease of use has already made it a big favorite among many.

Benjamin Armada PCP Powered Multi-Shot Bolt Action

The Benjamin Air Rifle Company has been introducing innovations since 1882 and the Armada certainly lives up to the expectations. The Benjamin Armada PCP Powered Multi-Shot Bolt Action looks unmistakably modern with its strong metal frame and long list of features. It has been a bestseller for many years thanks to its high quality, impressive power, quiet operation, and great accuracy. However, be prepared to shell out quite a bit of money for the privilege of owning one.


This air rifle from Benjamin is powered by pre-charged pneumatic for even pressure throughout multiple shots. It features a 10-shot repeater with auto indexing. It uses compressed air in a 215cc reservoir that can provide from 2,000 up to 3,000 psi depending on the user's preferred settings. It has a built-in pressure gauge. Make adjustments to get different velocities from the pellets. Thanks to an internal shroud, this is among the most quite air guns on the market -- making it ideal for game hunting and pest control. Of course, you can also use it from prinking and other forms of target shooting if you want to.

The product has a 20-inch barrel and weighs just 7.3 pounds with the scope and bipod. If you include the accessories, then the total weight goes up to 10.4 pounds. The choke barrel enhances shooting accuracy. Users will feel the difference with the telescopic buttstock and AR-15 pistol grip. It doesn't come with a sling but it will be easy to add one with slots at strategic locations. The bolt is reversible after servicing. As for the 15.5-inch scope, it offers 4-16x magnification, Mil-dot reticle, 56mm objective lens, and 10-yards to infinity parallax adjustment.


  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Multi-shot function
  • Several levels of adjustability
  • High accuracy


  • A bit expensive

If money is no object, then you can't go wrong with the feature-rich Benjamin Armada PCP Powered Multi-Shot Bolt Action.

Hatsan Torpedo 150 Sniper Vortex Air Rifle

For just a few hundred dollars, you can get the Hatsan Torpedo 150 Sniper Vortex Air Rifle and start your target practice. Hatsan is a Turkish company that is known for producing excellent firearms at low prices. They have a long list of products to cater to different needs. This particular rifle is great for people who would like to get into serious hunting and target shooting. Read on to learn more about its notable features.


Among its distinguishing characteristics is an underlever design. With this configuration, the barrel can stay aligned with the sights so it is much easier to see the target. It also has a 2-stage adjustable match trigger, front-and-rear sling swivels, a TRIOPAD adjustable stock system, and a bipod for greater stability. Targets that are located far away can be accurately shot with enough practice, just like real snipers would.

The Hatsan Torpedo 150 Sniper Vortex Air Rifle has an overall length of 48.4 inches and a barrel length of 13 inches. It weighs 9.2 pounds by itself. The maximum velocity it can generate is 1250 fps thanks to the Vortex gas piston. This is a single-shot rifle with manual safety. It has two sights: a fixed TruGlo red fiber optic at the front and a fully adjustable green TruGlo fiber optic at the rear. Hatsan has also included a sound moderator that can lower the noise down range so that animals will not panic.


  • Shock absorbing system
  • Ergonomic stock
  • Sling swivels
  • Anti-beartrap mechanism
  • Bipod for stability
  • Reduced noise


  • Warranty limited to one year
  • Unreliable with tendency to lose power
  • Single-shot system
  • Manual safety

If you want a sniper air rifle but you don't have much money, then you may want to try the Hatsan Toperdo 150.

Hatsan HC125SN25 125 Sniper Combo

The Hatsan HC125SN25 125 Sniper Combo air rifle is the perfect rifle for paper target shooting, plinking and for hunting small rodents. It comes with a sling and a bipod, making it hunting ready.


  • This air gun weighs in a 9.2 pounds without the bipod, scope, or sling.
  • It is powered with a spring piston and utilizes a break barrel mechanism
  • Comes with vertically adjustable cheek pieces
  • Shock Absorber System on stock to absorb the recoil
  • The stock is synthetic printed with mossy oak print
  • Rifled steel barrel
  • Auto-safety
  • Comes with 3-9 x 32 Optima scope
  • Matching Mossy Oak sling
  • Pellet velocity of 800 FPS and 31 FPE muzzle energyIntegrated sound suppressor
  • Tru Glo optic fiber sights for front and rear
  • Monte Carlo buttstock
  • Adjustable two-stage Quattro trigger
  • Weaver optics rail of 11mm


  • This gun has the maximum amount of trigger adjustability. The two-stage Quattro trigger has an adjustable weight and travel.
  • It comes with a sling that matches the stock, a bipod and a scope.
  • The cheek adjustments are on both sides for a ambidextrous fit.
  • It is priced at a moderate price for this much power, making it accessible to many budgets.
  • Mossy Oak print on the synthetic stock and sling are rare features at this price point.
  • The fixed, front TruGlo fiber optic is in red while the rear is adjustable and comes in green to minimize any confusion.


  • It is a really heavy gun that has a lot of recoil even with the shock absorber system on the buttstock.
  • The gun is very difficult to cock with a 50 pound cocking force.
  • Even with the integrated suppressor, this is a loud rifle, rivaling the sound of a standard 22.