Best 22 Caliber Air Rifles For Hunting

Best 22 Air Rifle For Hunting – Our Reviews And Top Recommendations

What comes to your mind when the term “best air rifles” is mentioned? While the question has a lot of answers, to me “best” means an airgun that suits and serves me best. Ideally the question, “which 22 air rifle for hunting?” is a tighter category and, therefore, poses a dilemma on the various uses, pros, and drawbacks. Fortunately, if you love rifles or perhaps you are in the danger of becoming a shooting junkie, here is your ultimate guide to the best 22ca.

A 22 will serve you well because they are all-rounders and can do almost every task that you need. This article is ideal for you if you want to either start the sport, get more into it or find out the top weapon.

In this article, expect no slick talking but the straight and honest truth on 22 air rifles on the market. All the best as you explore between each choice in the market.

Best .22 Cal Air Guns For Hunting

Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel (.22 cal)

Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle

Looking for a great option for varmint and small game hunting?  The Crosman Nitro Venom is definitely a great choice.

Features and Add Ons

  • High accuracy; whenever you get out with this and focus on a target, you will have to break in it. Its accuracy rate is quite high, it only takes you about a 1000 to 200 rounds. It can break into a target 30 yards away.
  • Light in weight; this is light enough to get the job done and, therefore, easy to carry around.
  • Equipped with a center point 3-9 by 32mm precision scope.
  • A quick-lock mounting mechanism for quick and easy optic mounting.
  • The beaver tail forearm is designed to facilitate the artillery hold shooting system.
  • Features the Nitro piston technology.
  • Pellet velocity up to 950 FPS.
  • Fluted muzzle brake and wide forearm which enhances shooting accuracy.
  • Sculpted rubber pad to absorb recoil.

Pros of the Nitro Venom

  • The nitro piston technology offers a smoother and a consistent cocking effort
  • This breaks in quickly to give you excellent scope and accuracy at all distances.
  • The velocity of pellets remains the same even after cocking for extended periods.
  • It has extremely quiet performance, about 7 decibels less noise compared to other spring loaded guns.
  • A wider forearm designed to rest on the palm this improves the accuracy of shooting with break barrel rifles.
  • Easy to use and durable as well.

Cons of the Nitro Venom

  • The scope is pretty weak therefore consider getting a new one.
  • The trigger is a little stiff.

As we mentioned earlier, the Crosman air rifle  is a great gun. It offers plenty of features, awesome durability, and well suited for target shooting. However, it needs a new scope and possibly a new trigger.

However, these seem like small investments for something that works well considering it has the leading break in time. Its overall value is such that at such price that’s worth buying. If you are looking for a sturdy, solid, and accurate that requires minimal maintenance, the Crosman Nitro Venom will serve you well.

Crosman Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100 Break Barrel .22 Cal

Benjamin Trail NP XL Air Rifle

If you are looking for the Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100, let me clear the air for this gun. While there are mixed gun reviews, it actually is a great break barrel for small game.

The overall design and construction is likable. However, it’s true that there are few odd tooling marks with some poor finish something you could not expect for the price. Hence, don’t anticipate much aesthetic shine from this rifle for the money option.

So this article serves as your ultimate guide in buying the Benjamin Trail XL 1100.


  • Large and heavy hence cumbersome to shoot or breakdown.
  • Very powerful, can shoot a target 25 yards.
  • Sturdy and strong construction.
  • Has a Picante mounting rail system, sling mount, and a ventilated rubber recoil pad.
  • Wonderful scopes with a stable scope mount.


  • Smooth cocking effort with less recoil.


  • Lack craftsmanship.
  • The trigger is poor necessitating regular replacement.
  • Fairy loud hence not easy to break down the target.
  • Heavy and therefore cumbersome to shoot.

The gun is durable considering its hardwood stock and also easy to operate to operate. However, be ready to make regular replacement of the trigger. Also, be ready to face the heavyweight while in the field.

Gamo Big Cat with Scope

Whether you are looking for great options in any condition, the Gamo Big Cat.22 rifle will go the distance for thousands of rounds in target shooting despite the weather. Definitely one of the top 22 air rifles for hunting that you can get for the price.

With this gun lots of knockdown power is all you expect to get. The rifle is made purposely to eliminate small and pesky critters. However, it’s made in such a way that you can get as much fun as possible.


  • An ambidextrous beech stock that add on its durability in all weather.
  • Shock Wave Absorber rubber recoil pad that minimizes felt recoil.
  • Has a rifled steel barrel with fluted polymer jacket.
  • High and consistent accuracy.
  • Affordable.
  • Single cocking system.
  • Accuracy is highly enhanced by the addition of the Smooth Action Trigger.


  • Pretty solid construction.
  • Very powerful, and it break into the target in the first shot.
  • Accuracy at close ranges, this increases the chances of killing your target.
  • Relatively cheap, something you could not expect for the value.


  • Its power diminishes with time
  • The trigger is heavy to pull

This rifle is not ideal for competition, and not a gun for your long hunting trip. But, the good news is that is relatively cheap to invest in if you are a beginner and want to practice shooting with a 22 caliber.

However, this doesn’t make it a bad gun, you need to manage your expectation as it remains the best gun to start with before you are ready for a better option, and you may also consider buying the Silent Stalker if this one becomes quite ineffective.

Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper ND52 with 3 – 9×40 mm Scope

Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle

Are you having problems with pests in the back yard? Say goodbye to the problem because the Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper ND52 cleans the trash with a silent stealth.


  • Inert Gas Technology something that allows the gun to shoot at any temperature eliminating the problem of grease thickening during cold weather.  It does not seize up in freezing temperatures.
  • Virtually silent and fitted with a noise reducing ND52 system this ensures that you shoot the target easily without making a huge noise. This is contrary to many other guns using the spring mechanism. This a great feature, especially for eliminating varmints and pests from the back yard.
  • The barrel is rifled with helical grooves inside the bore, and this makes the alloy pellets spin which increases accuracy.
  • Awesome firing power, something that many people look for. It can fire pellets at a speed of 1300 fps.
  • Comes with a sleek design and an ambidextrous stock, something ideal for both right and left-handed shooter.
  • It has an installed technology called Shock Wave Absorber (SWA), and this allows you to enjoy long hours shooting without feeling pain in the shoulders.


  • It reduces recoil and muzzle blast.
  • It has a single cocking system that requires less effort to cock.
  • Solid and sturdy construction hence comfortable to carry around.
  • Inert Gas Technology that boost the shooting power.
  • Has an amazing velocity and an improved smooth action trigger.
  • The noise reducing ND52 system ensures that you break in your target every time you pull the trigger. In addition, you are protected from hearing problems, and your shooting fellows are not interrupted.


  • Lacks a quality scope.

Nobody love stalkers, but when it comes to hunting games, we all want to be a stalker. The gun is among the most popular for hunting with all the excellent features we might be looking for just in one package.

In hunting games what we want is silence and stealth. This is because the worst thing to happen to you during the game is your prey running off right after missing (want to know more popular models?  We are always adding more 22 reviews here) the target due to the unnecessary noise when cocking.

This gun is all you need that is why named “Silent Stalker”. The fact that a single-shot gun like this gives you an opportunity to become a better shooter. Consider it your trusted companion when you go into the field.

Benjamin 392 Bolt Action Variable Pump (.22)

Benjamin 392 Pump Air Rifle

Something good for those who feared that Crosman acquisition of Benjamin would compromise the quality of this gun. Benjamin 392 rifle is back with an updated technology. Benjamin 392 still lives its reputation as a rugged and timeless American pump action rifle.

All of the usual aspects are still ingrained in this model. Ideal for target practice and small game hunting, however with few modifications it can be an all-rounder. Expect the same quality in this model.

Features of the Benjamin 392

  • Single shot mechanism, something that help you in becoming a better shooter.
  • A rifled barrel that makes a pellet to spin thereby improving accuracy and shooting range.
  • The barrel is made of anti-corrosive as compared to steel.
  • Sturdy construction that can withstand stresses, shocks, impacts and abrasion in daily activities.
  • Multi-pump pneumatic power plant.
  • Fully adjustable rear sight.
  • No rail scope.

Pros of the Benjamin 392

  • Reliable and durable hardwood stock.
  • Useful brass barrel that is anti-corrosive.
  • Easy to operate and load pellet.
  • Little recoil and high accuracy.

Cons of the Benjamin 392

  • Lack scope rail.
  • Fairly loud.
  • Pumping action requires more effort and therefore, not ideal for shooters with weaker arms.

The Benjamin 392 is a great rifle featuring many aspects in one package. Ideal for target shooting with an amazing hitting power. Its outstanding accuracy and low recoil make it an excellent hunting rifle.

You can enjoy using this .22 airgun especially if you pair it with a scope. In addition, pests will no longer be an issue to you anymore, the gun is also suited to clear them out in style. If any of the above tasks is what you have been looking, then consider ordering your deal today.

What To Look For When Choosing A Good 22 Caliber Air Rifle

The market is currently overflowing with all kinds of guns making it difficult for newbies to determine the “best” one to get. Since most people don’t know what to look for when choosing a 22 caliber rifle, they end up overwhelmed by all the decisions they need to make.

In an effort to improve the odds, most new buyers turn to gun review websites, manufacturer’s advertisement, chat forums and gun pictures. A day spent like this can be both tiring and frustrating. In fact, most people end up more confused after a day of research than when they got started.

Air rifles can be used for pest control, plinking, target shooting or hunting. For an easier time narrowing down your options, understanding how you intend to use your new weapon is paramount.

Here are some tips on what to look for when choosing a 22 caliber:

Questions to Ask Yourself

How do you intend to use it? – Most people buy for a combination of uses while others get them for specific tasks. If you want one for a combination of uses, then determining what percentage will be dedicated to each task will be important.

For instance, you might be looking for an one to use for 50% pest control and 50% target shooting. Each model is designed to suit the needs of different markets. Having an answer to the first question will help you start narrowing down available options.

Some guns are designed for general shooting while others are designed for target shooting or hunting. While any can be used for any of these purposes, experts understand the importance of getting a gun designed for specific use.

For instance, you can use a magnum power hunting option for target shooting and plinking yet the best gun for the job would be a medium powered multi-use.

What distances will you be shooting? – With these, there are 4 power categories. These are; super-magnum, magnum, medium and light. If you are looking for a gun to use for plinking, pest control and target shooting up to 35 yards, then a light powered gun will be your top bet. While you can use a light powered gun for plinking at any distance, it will perform best at 35 yards.

Medium powered options will extend your range to 50 yards followed by magnum at 65 yards and super-magnum at 75 to 80 yards.

If you are looking to shoot pests within 40 yards, then a medium powered rifle will be ideal. If you’ll be hunting game within 70 and 80 yards, then a super-magnum power rifle is the one to get.

Other Best 22 Air Gun Factors To Consider

  • Type – When it comes to these, you can choose between PCP, spring or gas rams. Spring and gas ram rifles require a powerful scope compared to PCP. Spring and gas ram rifles are self contained in that they require cocking before shooting.  PCP rifles require charging before firing but also provide more power. Since there is no recoil with PCP rifles, you don’t necessarily require a powerful scope. Before choosing PCP, gas ram or spring air rifles, assess your needs and determine what will be ideal for you.
  • Fit and Finish – While fit and finish have little to do with the gun’s performance, they are equally important factors to be considered when shopping.  When we mention fit and finish, we are talking about factors such as the stock shape, quality of the bluing, overall appearance of the rifle and other cosmetics. The fact is, when you are comfortable with the way your rifle feels, then you are likely to shoot with more confidence which will indirectly improve performance when using the rifle.
  • Trigger Quality – Trigger sensitivity varies as you move from one rifle to the next one. Most triggers are set at 3lbs of pull while others allow for adjustments for lighter pull. Consider your personal needs when choosing trigger quality in rifles.
  • Power – It is recommended that you choose a spring rifle with just enough power for the job. Note that the more power you go for, the more money you are likely to spend on the scope. This is because more power will easily break low recoil scopes. More power also means more noise and harder cocking. PCP rifles on the other hand can use any scope as they don’t have recoil.
  • Features – Everyone has their own ideas on what makes a great rifle. The features will therefore vary as you move from one rifle to the next. PCP rifles include more features than both gas rams and spring rifle.  Understanding the features you require will refine the selection process, making it easy to narrow down available options. Features vary between side cockers, break barrel, stock, weight, adjustable power.
  • Durability and Safety – Durability will mostly depend on the type of gun you buy and how you handle it. When you choose between Olympic-grade rifles, your main concern should be power and velocity. However, if you are searching for one for plinking or target shooting, then safety and waterproofing should be considered. Does the gun come with trigger safety features? How difficult is it to use?
  • Reviews – Once you narrow down available options, it is now time you learned more about the rifles in the categories that make it to your final list. The internet is filled with information on different types of air rifles and feedback from those who have used them in the past will help you make an informed decision.  One good way to learn more about models is to read reviews from different sources online. For detailed information, consider reading reviews on specific rifle models.
  • Pricing – Prices may range as you move from one product to the next and also between different stores. Consider shopping around before making a decision on the leading product to buy.

Reasons Why You Should Invest In A 22 Air Rifle

Here is an excellent video that provides a great view on the subject:

Wondering why you should invest in one? There are many reasons towards this decision. When it comes to selecting the best 22 cal hunting rifle, there are variety models that resemble one. However, whether you need a great deal with quality features and competitively priced, you may think of reading as many reviews as possible.

Whether it is your first model or subsequent deal, the gun will quickly prove to be one of the best deals you have ever made.

While these remain the best-selling within its expanding line. Also able to develop the most impressive collections of rifles globally. When it comes to finding an excellent gun it doesn’t require you to break the bank to acquire it since they are fairly priced.

Considering that the best 22 rifle for the money is one of the most popular models, it should be speaking volumes of to an average consumer. It’s high demand in the market means that it should command twice the price. However, it’s reasonably priced to fit the budget constraint of its potential customers.

Something equally important is the revolutionary break barrel system. Compared to other models in the market, a .22 cal air rifle is the best airgun due to its scientifically proven durability, sturdy construction, and robust performance. It comes with a break barrel system that is fairly difficult to wear out thus it a weapon worth investing.

In addition, most consumers search for a gun and read reviews that offers most flexibility and versatility. The best 22ca comes with a fiber optic hooded front sight and an adjustable open rear sight, this improves your scope range.

It is also hard to go without acknowledging the light weight design it comes with. It’s overall construction is light so that it does not become a burden to an average hunter while in the field. It also means that cocking the rifle when a need arises is also easy.

Conclusion On These 22 Caliber Air Guns

Buying a best 22 rifle / airgun, you will be rest assured knowing that you will get a highly competitive gun ideal for your hunting requirements.

Go and look for that coveted 22 air rifles now or go here to look at more air rifles reviews.

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