Best Competition Air Rifles Review

Best Competition Air Rifles Review – Our Top Picks

If you are looking for something a bit more on the higher end of the spectrum and want something that would be considered one of the best competition air rifles, these are great choices:

Our Top Recommendations For The Best Competition Air Rifles

Air Arms T200 Sporter Air Rifle

Air Arms T200 Sporter Air Rifle

Among many high school and college campuses are all kinds of shooting competitions. These bring to us some of the world’s most renown shooters. When these professional competition shooters choose a firearm they choose one like the Air Arms T200 Sporter Air Rifle.


This competition rifle is a single shot, pre-charged pneumatic, bolt action weapon. It is fairly light at 6.5 pounds and has a good size at 35.5 inches in length. The rifled barrel does make up over half of it at 19 inches long.

It does put out good velocity for a competition gun though at 575 feet per second. The sleek ambidextrous design of the stock ensures that both left and right handed shooters will succeed with this weapon.

The front sights are a globe with aperture that will come in a kit with the purchase of the weapon, and the rear sights are fully adjustable diopter sights. There is a 3/8 inch optics rail for a scope as well. The trigger is a two stage adjustable one that really helps the shooter hit their mark.


The customizable features of this gun make it a real good choice for the amateur looking to step up their game or the hobbyist who simply loves to go shooting. It is a good price for the features it comes with too.

A solid shooter and reliable as all reports indicate. It has a good grouping in the hands of a steady shooter. A great choice for any shooter to have in their collection.


There is little to complain about with the Air Arms T200 Sporter pellet gun, but one thing is that the globe and aperture sight is not everyone’s favorite method of practice.

However, a scope is easily mounted and makes this weapon even more accurate when fully sighted in.

Air Arms S510 XS Xtra FAC Regulated PCP Air Rifle

Air Arms S510 XS Xtra FAC Regulated PCP Air Rifle

Air Arms is known for producing some of the most effective air rifles on the market and the Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC PCP Air Rifle does not disappoint.

The Air Arms S510 boasts of both physical charm and impressive performance that makes it ideal for big game hunters. You get both accuracy and range in a beautiful designed rifle that will be a perfect addition to your collection.


Available in three caliber sizes, the Air Arms S510 provides up to 10 per clip shot capacity sums. You also get adjustable power setting and two-stage adjustable trigger. In addition to being quiet, this rifle is accurate and provides enough power to take down big game. Others features include;

  • Maximum velocity of up to 1050 fps for the .177 caliber, 920 fps for .22 caliber and 780 fps for .25 caliber
  • Sidelever
  • 10-shot repeater
  • 11mm scope grooves
  • 231cc air tank
  • stylish stock finish
  • Checkered pistol grip and forearm
  • Built-in manometer
  • Adjustable power


The Air Arms Xtra is more powerful and accurate compare to most modern air rifles. It’s designed to look more traditional and one can hardly tell it’s an air rifle. You get to enjoy more muzzle energy which will provide better stopping power. Here are the pros

  • Superb balance, trigger and barrel
  • Shrouded barrel for quieter shooting
  • Built-in air pressure gauge
  • 2-stage adjustable trigger
  • No open sights with 11mm scope grooves


There are various cons to consider with the Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC PCP Air Rifle. In addition to being heavier, the rifle can be slow which makes it less ideal for competitions or target practice. Other cons include;

  • A bit pricey
  • Limited types available
  • A bit heavy

Crosman PCP Challenger .177 Caliber Air Rifle

Crosman PCP Challenger 177 Cal Air Rifle

The Crosman PCP Challenger .177 Caliber Pre-Charged Pneumatic PCP Air Rifle is a Sporter Class air rifle that’s perfect as a competition air gun. The Crosman PCP Challenger comes with an ambidextrous bolt handle and an adjustable stock.

The Lothar Walther barrel and adjustable trigger improves accuracy and makes it easy to use the rifle. If you are competition shooter, then you’ll be glad to know that this rifle has been approved by the National 3-position Air Rifle Council.


The features added far surpass its previous version by far and make it ideal for various shooting events. The PCP system can either be powered by CO2 or compressed air. Here are the features;

  • Built in pressure gauge
  • 630 fps with lead pellets
  • Interchangeable aperture for front sight and micro click for rear sight
  • Synthetic materials
  • 2-stage match grade trigger
  • Ambidextrous bolt handle
  • Integral locking mechanism


Any shooting competition requires accuracy and speed and boasts of both. It is light and easy to use which makes it ideal for both young and old shooters. Easily adjustable stock and trigger makes it easy for both right- and left-handed shooters to use the rifle comfortably. Here are the pros;

  • Lightweight stock
  • Efficient PCP
  • Adjustable trigger and stock
  • High levels of accuracy
  • User friendly loading port
  • Visible pressure gauge


This rifle is good for many things but comes with its fair share of downsides. For instance, even for a Sports rifle, this one provides low maximum velocity making it less ideal for activities other than target shooting.

  • People have had problems with pressure
  • Not very powerful as a hunting gun

Daisy 753S Match Grade Avanti

Daisy 753S Match Grade Avanti Air Rifle

The Daisy 753S Match Grade Avanti is a .77 caliber rifle that is meant to be used by mid-level competitive shooters. If you feel that you have outgrown your beginner rifle, then move on to better things with this model without breaking the bank.

Increase your confidence with its incredible accuracy that won’t let you down. Every feature has been designed to help support your campaigns. Shoot the target at will with this reliable tool in your hands.


The rifle measures 38.5 inches from edge to edge including the 19.5-inch barrel. The unit weighs in at 7.3 pounds. The front sight has a globe with aperture inserts while the rear sight has a diopter and is micrometer adjustable. A scope can be placed on the 11mm dovetail.

Trigger pull is easy with just 2 pounds of force required. Power comes from a single stroke pneumatic mechanism and is fixed. It has a single shot capacity with bolt action.

It can fire at a maximum velocity of 495 feet per second while the muzzle energy is at 4.28 feet per pound. Shots are fairly quiet so go ahead and practice all day without being overly conscious of noise generation. Those who have tried it swear by its impressive accuracy within 10 meters which is just right for competitions. The maximum shooting distance is 257 yards.

The Lothar Walther rifled steel barrel certainly doesn’t hurt its performance. It is made from high grade material and has been precisely engineered to match the size of the pellets. The stock is synthetic and can be adjusted for comfort.


  • Relatively silent shooting
  • Superior accuracy
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to cock


  • Single stage trigger
  • Butt pad could be better

The Daisy 753S Match Grade Avanti is great for semi-competitive shooters on a budget.

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