Best Nitro Piston Air Rifles On The Market in 2018 – Reviews

A nitro piston air rifle is an air gun that uses a nitro filled cylinder as its powering mechanism. Nitro piston technology is a technology used in manufacturing air guns without a coiled spring as its power plant.

This little buyers guide may help you in choosing one of these gas piston air rifles.

Nitro Piston Air Rifles - How Do They Work?

These types are quite different from other types of air rifles to shoot and have target practice fun with. This uniqueness lies in the powering mechanism of this gun.

This air gun does not use the ordinary coiled spring as the powering mechanism, but it uses a nitrogen-filled cylinder.

The nitrogen gas in this cylinder is already kept under pressure, but you exert more pressure on it when you cock the gun. Air is always held under tension until you pull the trigger.

When you pull the trigger, the pressurized air expands and it propels the piston forward. The piston abruptly moves to the air transferred port.

The chamber is completely sealed, and therefore, the compressed air has no place to go other than behind the pellet. The driving force of the compressed air drives the pellet out of the barrel.

Advantages of Nitro Piston Air Guns

  • Durability: Unlike the spring gun, that requires that the spring compression to be kept up to 50% for reliability, a nitro piston gun can be compressed up to 100%, and this don’t affect its power. As a result, it has an average life cycle of 10,000 shots, this is double the lifespan of a spring gun.
  • Silence: this gun has a dampener mechanism that reduces noise by 70%. Its silence makes it a great gun for field hunting.
  • Easy operation: it is easy to operate, the fact that it lacks a spring torque makes it is to cock.
  • All weather resistant: the nitro cylinder is lubricated with a high—tech lubrication that makes it operates in any weather.
  • Recoil: it produces less recoil than the spring gun.
  • Speed: it is 55% faster than a spring gun and 15% faster than a typical gas piston. Because of the high speed, it is, therefore, more accurate than a spring gun.
  • Lightweight: it is a light gun and, therefore, suitable for field hunting. You can carry it the whole day.

Disadvantages Of Nitro Piston Air Guns

  • When the gas ram fails, these bb guns won’t work at all, unlike a spring gun that will still produce some velocity.
  • Hard to find a spare nitro ram, when you want to service or modify this gun.

Best Nitro Piston Air Rifle for 2018

There are many air rifles in the market made with nitro piston technology, and even the best selling brands on feature a collection of nitro piston air guns at the top. An example of a best nitro piston air rifle is the Crosman Nitro Venom.



Some of this break barrel cocking air gun features include:

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Nitro Piston Air Rifle Maintenance

A nitro piston air gun requires little maintenance. Unlike a coiled spring air rifle, a nitro piston gun is not affected by weather.

It operates the same regardless of temperature since the nitro cylinder is lubricated with high-tech lubrication.


Now that you understand what a nitro piston technology is, its advantages and disadvantages will help you in choosing one.

This is your gun if, you need to enjoy, quietness, high accuracy, less recoil and smoother cocking. Now its your turn to decide whether you still need one to better your hunting experience.

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