Best Spring Air Rifle – Reviews for 2018 Options Available On The Market

Spring piston powered airguns are an excellent choice.  Whether you are looking for a target monster, pest control help, or whatever else.  We compared a number of different "springer" models below and have our recommendations for best spring air rifles.  Take a look!

Recommendations For Top Rated Spring Piston Air Guns

Air Arms TX200 MkIII Air Rifle

There are plenty of air rifles out on the market today, and when deciding on which one to buy there are a lot of factors to consider. The age and experience of the user are the biggest considerations. The experienced hunter will enjoy the feel and quality craftsmanship that goes into the Air Arms TX200 MkIII Air Rifle. This high grade air rifle has received praise from users all across the globe. It is a solid work of beauty with a precise shot to boot. There are few and far between that can give this weapon a run for it's money.


Starting with the option of rich beechwood or walnut finishes this gun is nothing but sheer quality. Add to that a great 9 inch rifled Lothar Walther barrel and you have a great start to a fantastic weapon. At a little over 41 inches in length and just under 9 and a half pounds the Air Arms TX200 MkIII Air Rifle has enough to it that heavy use will not send this gun to an early grave. Firing the rifle is a sweet treat for any weapon enthusiast because of the well praised two stage adjustable trigger that comes standard with this gun. The cocking force for this firearm is 29 pounds, but this should be easily attained by most adults looking to use it. There is also a standard 11 mm dovetail rail for scope mounting to it. This will be a necessity because the firearm comes with no sights. It fires a .22 caliber round making it pack quite the punch.


Certainly, a weapon of this caliber deserves to be loved and taken care of meticulously. Those who own them love their power and functionality. There are a lot of good reasons to own this firearm. It simply is one of the best on the market.


The major downfall of this piece is that there are no standard iron sights that come with this weapon. It is a simple fix since the dovetail rail is easily equipped. Other than that, this gun is not cheap, but it should not be purchased if looking for any old gun. This should be bought because the user is looking for the right firearm for the job.

Hatsan 95 Air Rifle

The Hatsan 95 air rifle is one of the few that is likely to leave a good first impression for both first time and experienced shooters. This gun is crafted from a beautiful piece of walnut wood and looks just as good as it shoots. It's only after you get down to shooting that you will realize why so many people praise this gun. Here is an in-depth look at the Hatsan 95 air rifle.


The gun comes in three calibers; the 177, 22 and the 25. It boasts a spring-piston break barrel and has an adjustable rear sight. The full range of specifications include

  • Ambidextrous Turkish walnut stock and a gold plated trigger
  • A rifled steel barrel
  • Recoil pad finished in rubber
  • A 3-9x32 scope
  • A shock absorber system (SAS) that limits recoil
  • An automatic safety mechanism
  • A checkered pistol grip
  • An 11-millimeter optical dovetail
  • Break barrel air rifle

Because the Hatsan 95 comes in three configurations, the power of the shot depends on the rifle you select. The 177 caliber has a velocity of 950 fps while the 25 has a maximum velocity of 650fps. Such power makes this gun perfect for hunting. The gun has incredible accuracy.


The gun has an insane accuracy thanks to the fixed fiber optics in the front and adjustable rear sight. It's easy to hit your target from 40 or 50 yards away. The checkered grip ensures the rifle does not slip while handling. It is built from high-quality material that can last for decades of use.


At 7.80 pounds, the Hatsan 95 is quite heavy for a compressed air rifle. It is also loud.

The Hatsan 95 is a powerful, accurate rifle that looks just as good as it performs. We dare you to find an air rifle under $200 that can match it for performance and build quality.

Ruger Air Hawk Combo



With a classic look that harkens back to the days of carbine rifles the Ruger Air Hawk Combo rifle has the blast to back its tough look. Truly a modern work of old craftsmanship and value this weapon will make any shooter's dreams come true. A great shooter that's tough enough to snag a critter or two as well as good fun to shoot.


The Ruger Air Hawk Combo fires a standard .177 caliber round from its almost nineteen inch rifled barrel. It is a single shot break barrel loader making it a firearm for a more experienced shooter, but that should not discourage all shooters from using this weapon. With fiber optic sights in both the front and the rear and an eleven millimeter dovetail rail for easy rail attachment this weapon is perfect for shooting feathers off of fence posts. The stock is a beautiful hardwood with a rubber buttplate and weighs just over 8 pounds. A two stage adjustable trigger with a three pound test makes the experience of shooting a breeze. The cocking effort is thirty pounds, but that should not be a problem for most average adults. At 1000 FPS this weapon has some zip to go with the fairly good bang it makes.


All things considered, there is very little to dislike about this weapon. It is a very reliable shooter with a prestigious character to it. It can be picked up and used with no previous experience and still be very accurate. It is not too hard on the draw, but still solid enough where there is no real worry about mechanical issues. It will definitely make any shooter happy to have especially with the low cost of this gun.


The one major downfall to this firearm is the single shot capacity. It would be nice to be able to pull the trigger and not have to reload the weapon. However, with the ability to put better opticals on it and the fairly accurate shot from the get go make this not as much of an issue for most shooters.

Diana RWS 34P

The Diana RWS 34P air rifle is one of the most popular air rifles on the market. It's a German rifle that comes in different materials and colors depending on the model that you buy. It is well balanced and filled with features that make it great for the first time shooter or an experienced competitor.


This gun isn't as flashy as some but it has a lot going for it. Features of the Diana RWS include fully adjustable fiber optic sights, 2-stage adjustable trigger, rifled barrel, easy cocking, adjustable windage and elevation on rear sight, break barrel action, and a max velocity of 1000 fps (feet per second).


Here are a few of the things I liked about this gun. The finish was really nice. You can tell it's a higher quality gun when you hold it in your hand. The wood finish is really nice and shiny. The trigger is also reliable and pretty smooth for this type of rifle. Shooting the gun is pretty smooth compared with other spring action guns.


The first thing is accuracy. It's relatively accurate but leaves a lot to be desired if you're a competition shooter. It is also kind of loud so if you are planning on shooting this in your back yard and you are close to neighbors, you might disturb them. The sights are also way off out of the box so you'll need to spend some time sighting it in if you want to hit anything. My first shot was about 8 inches low at around 10 yards. Not a huge deal but could be better.

Other than those things the gun is a pretty good value for the money. The Diana RWS 34P air rifle is a good rifle for the beginner and even those that are more experienced with pellet guns.

Beeman RS2 Dual-Caliber Air Rifle Combo



The Beeman RS2 Dual-Caliber Air Rifle Combo is a Dual-Caliber air rifle that's perfect for small game hunting and target shooting. The Beeman RS2 features a rear green fiber optic, red fiber optic front sight and the Beeman 4X32 for accuracy. It also comes with a soft carrying case which makes it easy to transport the rifle as well as accessories.


The Beeman RS2 is a break barrel action rifle with automatic safety and caliber shots reaching up to 1000fps. It also includes a muzzlebrake which provides extra leverage during cocking. Most of the features in the Beeman RS2 are normally found in higher priced guns, giving you value for your money. This is a beautiful rifle that will feel good in your hands. Other features include;

  • .22 and .177 caliber barrels
  • 1000 fps for .177 barrel and 830 fps for .22 caliber barrels
  • 0.36 center to center at 10 yards
  • Wood and metal finish
  • Optics trigger
  • Great price
  • Power
  • Accuracy


There are many things that make the Beeman RS2 the perfect rifle for most individuals. It is light weight compared to other rifles of its type with sightings of up to 6 inches at 300 yards. If you are out to hunt small game or target practice, then you'll find the speed and accuracy very convenient. Here are the cons;


There are various downsides with the Beeman RS2 Dual-Caliber Air Rifle Combo. For instance, the cocking may not be as easy for youngsters or the ladies.

  • Compared to similar single caliber rifles, the Beeman RS2 isn't as powerful.

Other Considerations:

I really like this video that gives a lot of excellent reasons to choose a springer over other types like a nitro piston: