Quietest Air Rifles For Neighborhood and Backyard Use

Quietest Air Rifle On The Market For Neighborhood and Backyard Use

If you want to buy the quietest air rifle, it can be a bewildering experience. The sheer diversity of air rifles on the market can easily lead to confusion particularly when it comes to deciding which one you want to buy.

We want you to have the best shooting experience without having huge noise levels and breaking the sound barrier.

We have therefore reviewed what we consider the top three quietest air rifles suitable for hunting:

  • Gamo Whisper Fusion
  • Gamo Silent Cat
  • Benjamin Marauder

Read more below to find out which one suits you and check out the decibel levels on each as well.

Air RifleImageCaliberVelocityWeight$$$
Gamo Whisper Fusion.177 Cal /
.22 Cal
1420 fps /
1020 fps
6.61 lbsCheck Price
Gamo Silent Cat.177 Cal1200 fps5.28 lbsCheck Price
Benjamin Marauder.177 Cal /
.22 Call /
.25 Cal
1100 fps /
1000 fps /
900 fps
7.3 lbsCheck Price
Beeman Quiet Tek.177 Cal1000 fps6.55 lbsCheck Price

The Best And Quietest Air Rifles You Can Buy – Great Brand Gun Choices For 2022!

The Gamo Whisper Fusion – Our Quietest Air Rifle Recommendation

Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 Air Rifle

Sound level – Approx 90 decibels.

If you are looking for an air rifle to buy, this Gamo Whisper Fusion air rifle is among the best for hunting. It uses a double noise-reduction technology for smooth and silent firing power.

You will definitely want to check out this video that gives you a great look on how quiet it is:

In addition to the Whisper Fusion sound suppression and noise reduction system, you will have the benefit of using an Inert Gas Technology (IGT) Mach 1 gas piston to fire your pellets quietly.

The pellets travel through two different chambers that combine to compress and prevent noise expansion. By using this, it does not have the vibration of the traditional spring piston. This is all without impacting on smooth precision and accuracy to punch through your targets.

When used with PBA Platinum pellets, the Gamo Whisper Fusion has a maximum velocity of 1420fps thanks to its larger 33mm cylinder.

The quiet Whisper Fusion is perfect for target shooting, small game hunting and pest control. You’ll hit them from a distance with ease and accuracy and stay quiet at the same time.


This air rifle is comes with a manual safety to minimize accidents when handling. It also features an automatic cocking safety system.


  • For shooting, this quiet air gun features a two-stage custom action trigger that is adjustable for smooth action. The trigger is better than just ok, it gives you maximum control over your shots.
  • The stock is very ergonomic, and it offers all-weather durability with maximum performance. The lightweight synthetic stock makes it easy to cycle it the whole day.
  • The cheek piece is adjustable and molded for both right and left handed shooters.
  • You will also enjoy its fine checkering, which offers a non-slip texture design on grip and forearm.
  • It uses a single action powering mechanism, helping you to build your confidence and skill. More so, you can have better control of your pellets.
  • You will enjoy near to zero recoil since the butt plate has a Shock Wave Absorber recoil pad. Recoil absorption rate is up to 74.
  • It comes with a 3-9x40mm objective scope with both front sight and rear sight fiber optic; this helps you to ensure a clear focus on your target. It also comes with a Recoil Reducing Rail (RRR), which absorbs the recoil of the rifle thereby helping to increase the lifespan of the scope
  • A match grade and fluted barrel ensures excellent accuracy. This air rifle will never miss your target!
  • Unlike other models in its class, this one is easy to load and cock. Just 32 lbs, it doesn’t require much strength – even a well-supervised child can cock this gun.

The Whisper Fusion is a great rifle for an air gun hunter and recreational shooter. You will stealthily kill pesky squirrels and other pests in your yard while your neighbor’s hang out on their porch 30 yards away.

Amazingly they will not notice that you are doing such a thing. And if they do happen to realise, they will thank you for giving them a silent atmosphere.

Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle – Most Quiet Airgun For Neighborhood Use

Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle

If you are looking at another option, you may consider adding this air rifle to your hunting checklist. It comes with lots of features which places it at the helm of competition.  Its sleek modern design also makes it look cool on the rack when you go to store it.


The Gamo Silent Cat air rifle comes with two safety features – a manual trigger safety and an automatic cocking safety system.


  • The Silent Cat is one of the best high powered air rifles. Just as the name suggest, this airgun comes with a non-removable noise dampener making it one of the quietest on the market.
  • Taking down your target when you hunt small game is simple. It will not be alarmed when you fire it and therefore you can kill with a single shot.
  • You can also take the advantage of firing hunting pellets and BBs with this air rifle.
  • Its quietness will make even your neighbors thank you for not disturbing their evening. This dampener cuts the noise by half, and this is one of its big selling points.
  • Amazing accuracy.  This impressive feature will help you put out very tight groupings within a range of 20 meters. You can have quick and clean kills on a repeated basis with it.
  • It also comes with a quiet and dependable break barrel and piston systems, ideal for both air gun beginners and more advanced shooters.
  • If you’re a beginner, you won’t have problems cocking the barrel. It’s easy to use!
  • It comes with twin cheek pas, so whether you are a right or left handed shooter, this air rifle is very comfortable to use.
  • Further, its ventilated rubber pad on the end of its stock offers a comfortable recoil absorption.
  • An all-weather stock. Therefore, no matter what the conditions are, it will still perform properly.
  • Like most air guns, its stock allows the same grip; this improves accuracy and quicker muzzle on target.
  • The scope of this air gun is decent. It is also clear and easy to mount.

A couple small issues. Several reviewers have complained that the adjustable trigger isn’t very good. But we still found this Gamo Silent Cat a great choice and tops our list of recommendations.

Benjamin Marauder Synthetic Stock Air Gun – Quiet Air Rifle For Backyard Or Squirrels

Benjamin Marauder Synthetic Stock Pellet Air Rifle

This quiet air gun is simply amazing for an adult air rifle. Although not number one in our list, it has a range of features which still make it an excellent choice.

It has plenty of power and will make you incredibly happy. With the Marauder rifle, you can shoot pretty far away as it has a lot of power behind every shot. A single shot is enough to kill your target!

This air rifle also requires little active maintenance. You only need to adjust a few aspects of it to make it work well for you.


  • It has high accuracy; you can easily hit your target in a group of 5-16 at 30 yards using this gun.  You can fine tune the scopes to your preferences thus you have accurate hitting.
  • A choked barrel that delivers superior accuracy with low decibel levels.
  • The Benjamin Marauder uses compressed air between 2,000 to 3,000 psi; this makes it easy for adjustment to different velocities. This pressure is enough to take care of your small game without any problem.
  • It also comes with a four chamber silencer, which makes it one of the most quiet air rifles for hunting. Neither your target nor your neighbors will notice what you’re doing. It is one of the quietest quality air rifles you can buy.
  • It has a two-stage adjustable metal trigger which will keep your shots smooth and steady.
  • It comes in ambidextrous synthetic stock with a vertically adjustable combo, making it almost a pound lighter than the wood-stocked rifle.
  • The grip is excellent, and it feels like you are holding a thumb through the stock.
  • The built-in pressure gauge helps you to know when your gun is getting hungry for more power. Because it is a multi-shot PCP air rifle, you can make consistent and multiple shots thanks to its auto-indexing magazine!
  • The Benjamin Marauder comes with a window that indicates the number of pellets remaining in the clip. This is really good especially when you are shooting your air gun as you can have better control of your pellets!
  • Adjustable cheekpiece. You can set up a good cheek weld that suits your physique; this improves cheek weld and ensures consistent shooting.

Quick note – This air rifle has no iron sights, and it is not bundled with a scope, this gives the shooters the choice of scope to choose.

There is no recoil when shooting with Benjamin Marauder; the PCP eliminates it. Therefore, no special hold is required to obtain accurate shooting. It is an easy rifle to shoot!

The Benjamin Marauder is a great value rifle for the money. This quiet air rifle comes with nice and user-friendly features that springer’s can’t bring to the table. Remember you won’t alarm your target because of the quiet operation.

What makes a quiet air rifle silent?

Shooters and recreational hunters like it when the air gun is quiet. I know if you are a beginner and looking at purchasing a quiet air rifle, you will probably want to know what makes an air gun silent.

First of all, the loudness you hear when a rifle is fired is caused by the gases exiting the muzzle. Spring-piston air rifles are quieter than pre-charged pneumatic, multi-stroke or even the CO2 power plants.

An air gun will be quiet if relatively little air is used to propel the pellets out of the barrel of a springer. However, if there is excess gas exiting the muzzle, it will be loud. This is the reason most piston air guns are silent.

Most of the air guns have a shrouded barrel, and this covering makes the air gun quiet. The shrouds are permanently attached to the air gun.

With this, the only thing you will hear is the slammer spring, and it is inaudible to anyone other than you.

If you are like me, shooting with the most quiet air rifle is an excellent way to relax, control pest and to enhance your shooting skills. But doing it with the right air rifle will make for a more enjoyable experience and help you maintain the wildlife in your backyard.

We hope that this buying guide and review has helped answer your question about “what is the least noisy air rifle for hunting?” Now take your time and decide from our top three picks.

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