Best Air Rifle Under 200 Dollars – Top Air Gun Options For 2018

When you have a budget of this kind, finding the best air rifle under $200 is actually fairly simple.  There are quite a few good airguns out there that are in this price range.  Many of them have some great features as well.

We actually went ahead and created what we feel is the best possible list to choose from if you are looking to spend about this much.

Our Recommendations For Best Air Rifles Under $200

Crosman Optimus Air Rifle (.22) with Scope - Our Favorite Under $200 Air Gun



If the garden is under attack, or the bird feeders are overran by squirrels, then maybe it is time to meet the Crosman Optimus Air Rifle (.22) with scope may be just the ticket. This firearm has the right amount of punch with the right amount of price. A real crowd pleaser, and a pretty piece to boot.


The Optimus with scope has a beautiful ergonomic, and ambidextrous, look to it with a finished hardwood stock, and bored .22 caliber break away barrel. The sights on it are fiber optic rail in the front and a 4 by 32 scope in the rear for enhanced pest elimination. The trigger is a standard four pound trigger, and is the one thing that is not better than a standard component. Overall this rifle is a very economical firearm for small animal hunting or just good old target practice. The ammunition is a standard .22 caliber pellet and can be used for small birds and rodents making it perfect for farms and homeowners alike.


There are many good things to say about the Optimus. The biggest thing is that it is the best rifle on the market for the features it has and the price that is paid. The scope is a big plus for people that do not want to have to piecemeal a weapon. Finding something already completed is a big step skipped. The .22 caliber pellets are the perfect size for the guns use, and it is accurate within two inches at fifty yards. On top of all that, it is just a very nice gun to look at.


That being said the gun does have a couple small knocks against it. One is that it is a fairly loud weapon. It does put out 100 decibels of noise, but that is not too much of a problem. The other is that the trigger is a little heavy. It has a little push-back when pulling it, but these are the two knocks on this weapon.

Ruger Yukon Break Barrel - A Great Under $200 Airgun Choice



The Ruger Yukon is a pellet gun that comes in either .177 or .22 caliber and is meant of recreational plinking or target practice. It's a realistic looking rifle at about 44 inches long and weighing about 9 pounds.


If you're looking for a solid option to have some fun with, the Yukon does the trick. It shoots .177 caliber pellets at 1250 feet per second and .22 caliber pellets at 1050 feet per second. It has a ReAxis reversed gas piston which reduces recoil and vibration. It comes with fiber optic sights which are fixed on the front and adjustable on the rear, a 2-stage trigger, and an automatic safety.


The fiber optic sights are super nice because they are easy to see even in the daylight. The ReAxis reversed gas piston is also nice because the rifle is much easier to cock. The Yukon is extremely powerful. If you're using it to hunt, it will definitely knock down small animals. For how powerful it is, the gun is extremely quiet. With the low price, the rifle is an overall value for sure.


There are a couple of drawbacks you have to watch out for. The .22 caliber pellets for example are loose in the bore of the barrel. When you shoot them, they are about 6-10 inches off target because of the looseness. The scope that comes with the gun leaves a lot to be desired. It's not aligned out of the box (and most aren't) but you have to mount the scope pretty far forward in order to hit anything when looking through it.

Overall the Ruger Yukon Air Rifle Break Barrel is a really great rifle for the price. As long as you shoot the right pellets through it and don't depend too much on the scope, you'll be happy with it.

Ruger Air Magnum Combo Air Rifle



The Ruger Air Magnum is a top notch firearm for yard pest elimination. The rodents and varmints are in for a world of hurt when this little baby comes out the back door. The tough and rugged Ruger is a durable and reliable firearm that works perfectly for household yard protection. A modestly priced rifle that is a perfect gun to have for farms or house gardens.


This weapon has a couple different features that make this a perfect pest control weapon. A break barrel weapon that packs a big punch in a little package. It has models in both a .177 caliber or a .22 caliber round and hits with a huge 26 FPE in the .177 model and a massive 32 FPE for the .22 model. A synthetic stock is usable by either a left or right handle shooter. A fiber optic front and back sight is perfect for scope-less shooters, and the rifle can have a 4 X 32 scope attached at the back sight to improve the range of the weapon.


This weapon is great for the isolated country life or a large farm that still needs to chase off coyotes from the grounds. It is a versatile weapon that is easy to clean and looks sleek with the black finish. This is an affordable weapon that can be purchased at many different stores for a modest price under two hundred dollars. The trigger on this gun is an upgraded spring and makes for a nice touch because the spring and trigger assembly is usually the cheapest part of an economical weapon.


There a few small things other users have complained about with this weapon. It can be a little hard to cock. This can be a little irritating, but is not the worst thing in the world. The other big complaint is that this firearm is a little heavy for a .22 caliber weapon at 10 pounds, and can be a little noisy. Other than that, this weapon has no other major problems.

Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle



This has been designed with hobby applications and vermin control in mind. The accuracy is excellent with tight groupings from heavier ammunition being evident on test firing. As such, the price for this rifle is very reasonable but the quality and number of features are very good for a product of this type.


One of, if not the, key feature of this is the silencer (hence the name Whisper Silent Cat). It would be untruthful to declare that this silenced rifle makes no sound when fired, so do take this into consideration when looking at you prospective purchase of this gun - however, the sound is diminished by at least 50 decibels over unsilenced rifles of the same type. This feature is a boon to those that wish to use it for one of its intended purposes: namely vermin control.

There may be some concern over the silencer giving the rifle a lack of power due to the nature of the silencer mechanism taking energy away from the ammo as it is fired through the barrel - this is not the case and remains one of Gamo's best air guns that they sell.


  • The Gamo Whisper Silent Cat has an effective silencer for its class.
  • The rifle has adequate power despite the silencer.
  • The accuracy is excellent.
  • The weight is good.
  • The shape of the stock combined with the weight make it easy to handle for extended periods of time.
  • The rifle is easy to maintain.


  • The included rifle scope isn't brilliant quality and would probably be the first thing an owner would upgrade. It's not terrible, but it could be better.
  • Heavier ammunition will need to be used due to the power of the rifle, Lighter ammunition will be harder to control because of this.

Gamo Hornet Maxxim Air Rifle



Are you on the lookout for an air rifle that is affordable yet convenient? Well seek no more, the Gamo Hornet Maxxim is here for you. This rifle makes use of inert gas technology (IGT) mechanism that facilitates less vibration, high velocity, as well as a longer lifespan, compared to other conventional spring powered rifles. Not only is the gun insanely powerful, but it boasts a host of features that elevate it above most ordinary barrel rifles with metallic springs. Below is a brief review of the item.


The rifle features the impressive whisper maxxim sound suppression technology which is responsible for a quiet shooting experience. Noise dampening is made possible thanks to the efficient muzzle brake design of its chambers. The new technology coupled with the muzzle brake design results in a low weight steel barrel rifle that is easy to handle.

The rifle also comes equipped with the Custom Action Trigger (CAT) which allows the handler to maximize the pinpoint accuracy. The shooter can independently adjust the 1st and 2nd trigger stages to suit your preference. Radical recoiling rail (RRR) is designed to limit stress and increase scope lifespan. Other features include; A shockwave wave absorber (SWA) that absorbs the recoil during shooting, bull barrel, automatic cocking safety and a 3-9*40 shockproof scope.

Pros and cons

One of the key selling points for this rifle is the fact that it lasts longer than most metal spring guns. Its all-weather synthetic shock makes it usable in extreme weather conditions. The rifle has no spring fatigue even when left cocked for extended periods. Other advantages include smooth cocking and shooting. The only complaint is that the scope could be made better. There is a high likelihood that you will need to replace the scope within the first few months of use.

All in all, this rifle is still a bargain at its price. It also comes in two variations, the 177 cal, and 22 cal, and has a respectable three-year warranty.

Gamo WildCat Whisper Air Rifle



The WildCat Whisper Air Rifle is a .22 caliber pellet rifle with a single cocking break barrel. It is powered by IGT or inert gas technology firing pellets at about 975 fps (feet per second). A synthetic stock and low price make it a great starter rifle.


IGT or inert gas technology replaces the traditional spring piston found in most guns which makes the pellets fire even faster. It also features the Whisper noise reduction system which makes the gun ultr-quiet. Other features include a shock-proof scope, Gamo trigger, synthetic ambidextrous all-weather stock, rubber recoil pad, light-weight design and a 1 year warranty.


This gun is lots of fun to shoot. The barrel is not hard to cock and the pull is very nice. The rifle seems to have some pretty good stopping power for being a pellet gun and it is super quiet. I actually can't believe it is as quiet as it is. You wouldn't know someone was shooting it in the next room.


Although the scope that comes with this rifle is pretty good, it is almost impossible to sight in. I cannot for the life of me get it to zero. If a scope is important to you, I would suggest getting a rifle where you can mount your own scope and get rid of this one.

Overall, the WildCat Whisper is an awesome value for the money. It shoots pretty accurately right out of the box and has a lot of stopping power. The IGT tech is also very helpful and the gun is easy to cock. It's also very fun to shoot. Just keep the info about the scope in mind and maybe purchase a better scope separately to mount on the gun when you get it.

Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston Air Rifle

The Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston is a nice lightweight rifle, perfect for novice and young shooters. It is a good rifle for shooting targets, but has plenty of power and accuracy for hunting small game, like rabbits and squirrels.


  • Ambidextrous, real wood thumbhole stock.
  • Weighs in at 6.75 pounds without the scope.
  • Is powered with a gas or nitro piston.
  • Has a pellet velocity of 1200 FPS.
  • Break barrel mechanism takes 31 pounds of cocking effort.
  • Raised cheek piece on both sides of stock.
  • Muzzle break provides leverage.
  • Comes with 4 x 32 center point scope.
  • Two-stage adjustable trigger.
  • Uses both .177 and .22 caliber pellets.


  • The nitro piston makes a really quiet firing rifle. This is a low weight rifle that has minimal recoil making it a smooth shooting gun. It is a great rifle for younger operators.
  • It is easy to cock with only 31 pounds of cocking effort. The ambidextrous thumbhole stock is made from a solid, beautiful grain wood.
  • This is a powerful, and accurate, rifle with a maximum pellet velocity of 1200 FPS . The pellets maintain the correct trajectory over a long distance.
  • The nitro piston makes the rifle one of the quieter air rifles on the market. A ventilated rubber buttstock minimizes what little recoil there is to feel.
  • The price is the best part of the Titan. It is the best quality gun on the market at that price point.


  • The scope is of poor quality and looses accuracy at longer ranges. The scope screws easily unscrew and do not hold sufficiently.
  • The two-stage trigger is bad and is the first modification you will want to do. It is difficult to tell where the release is.

Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle (22)



The Crosman Nitro Venom is perfect for catching small game like squirrels and rabbits. It is also a good for pest control or target shooting. The air rifle is significantly quieter than a standard .22 caliber rifle. This gun is not intended for children and is designed for adult use.


  • The rifle is 44.5" in length and 7.375 lbs in weight.
  • The barrel is constructed from rifled steel.
  • The stock is made from hardwood.
  • It has a Picatinny style optics rail and comes with a 3-9 x 32 scope.
  • The pellet velocity is 800 FPS and 950 FPS if you use alloy pellets.
  • The break barrel has a 35 pound cocking effort that powers a nitro piston.
  • It has a fluted muzzle break.
  • The ambidextrous stock has a raised cheek piece.
  • Beaver tail forearm is extra wide for the artillery hold.
  • Two stage trigger mechanism.
  • Powerful 21 FPE muzzle energy.


  • It is a powerful gun that features a nitro piston. This means that there are no cartridges that need to be refilled. The power source is self-contained.
  • There is minimal recoil and the nitro piston is not affected by weather.
  • It has a better than average scope and optic rail.
  • The break barrel only needs one pump and it is ready to fire at full power.
  • It is easier to cock than a spring coil.


  • You have to pump the break barrel after every shot.
  • It is not suitable for any game larger than a small rabbit.
  • The trigger is touchy and it takes some practice to maximize the accuracy with the rifle.
  • The scope has to be re-calibrated every 200-250 shots taken. The scope must be re-calibrated to ensure the accuracy.

Best Air Rifles Under $200 Conclusion

Think you might have figured out which one you may want to buy?  Any of the options above will suit you well!

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