Walther Lever Action 177 Calibre Air Rifle Review

Walther Lever Action Air Rifle Review – Why We Love It!

It might sound cliché but whenever I hold and shoot one of these beauties, I think of John Wayne toting his Winchester 1894 in any of his western action shootouts.

Reason being, the Walther Lever Action co2 air rifle is modelled after this gun, which is one of the most famous guns in American gun history.

Just like the Winchester, the weight and length of the Walther Air Rifle makes it feel absolutely perfect to shoot. From the German craftsmanship in the all metal construction to the authenticity in the lever action, this gun is extremely accurate and stands apart from many other air rifles. It mimics its live fire counterpart impeccably.

Walther Lever Action .177 Caliber Pellet Gun Air Rifle

Speaking of the lever action, Sam Colt’s 1837 revolving lever gun used a lever ahead of the trigger guard to rotate a revolver style magazine while at the same time cocking the hammer.

Well, the Walther air rifle is based on the same mechanism to operate a rotary pellet magazine while cocking the hammer. The rotating magazine feed is very clever as it is accessed by pressing down on the fake magazine loading gate on the side of the gun, which becomes invisible upon the magazine rotating into battery.

What Does it Feel Like To Shoot a Walther Lever Action Rifle?

This is my first ever Walther Lever Action review and I have got to say, everything about this gun feels right. From the western style ambidextrous stock to the hold and weight of this gun, it just has some perfectness to it.

Let’s start with the weight – it is absolutely spot on when it comes to its 6.2 pound weight. It’s exactly what you’d expect from an air rifle and when you add the co2 canister, the muzzle is slightly lighter because of the center of balance moving towards the stock.

Walther Lever Action .177 Caliber Pellet Gun Air Rifle

The way this gun feels paired with the lever action has a synchronicity that is hard to describe. The lever action is smooth, crisp and consistent. It is extremely accurate and darn hard to put down.

The overall length is 39.2 inches with a barrel length of 18.9 inches. It is more of an adult length pull, so it would be ideal if there was a thinner version of the butt plate for the kids to make this easier for the whole family to use.

Technical Features

Co2 Air Rifle Canister

The Walther Lever Action air rifle actually uses an 88gram co2 tank and is super easy to refill.

To set up the co2 cartridge, you simply:

  • unscrew the back of the stock, (using a flat head screwdriver)
  • place the canister in the hole
  • screw it into place
  • rescrew the stock, and your done.

With the larger cartridge, you will get approximately 300-400 shots per tank in comparison to the usual 12 gram cartridges, which depending on the air rifle, usually gives you about 30 shots before starting to lose power.

Walther Lever Action .177 Caliber Pellet Gun Air Rifle

If you happen to need to store it away partway through using a cannister, it will continue to maintain a good seal. There is also the option of purchasing a cannister adapter separately if you really want to use the smaller co2 cartridges.

Even with the extra capacity and longer uninterrupted shooting, sometimes it just seems to go so quick, it’ll be frustrating to have to put it down for a refill while having so much fun!

Velocity, Ammo and Fire Mode

It fires at .177 caliber pellet (ammo) out of an 8 shot rotary magazine and it is super easy to load. The barrel style is rifled and the fire mode is repeater. It shoots 600 feet per second, and when it hits, it does so with authority.

If you are considering trying to hunt with it, it could be used for hunting small varmint such as mice, squirrels or chipmunks but you wouldn’t want to go any larger. It’s fantastic for plinking and taking down soda cans though!

Walther Lever Action .177 Caliber Pellet Gun Air Rifle

Front and rear sights

The front sights are adjustable for windage and the rear sights are adjustable for elevation. The only drawbacks here is that the gun does not easily accept a scope and the sights are made of plastic, not metal, though they still work as intended.

Just like a Winchester 94

Although it is not an exact replica of the original Winchester 1894, it certainly imitates the feel and look of the 94 especially with its thick plastic stock.

The stocks’ main function is to allow easy access to the co2 air rifle canister, which makes it resemble the 94 even more so with its walnut stained finish.

The rest of the finishes are all black with a variation on the barrel and magazine being polished whilst the frame, tang, sights and barrel brands are matte.

How safe is this air gun?

The Walther Lever Action air rifle has a lot of safety features built in which makes it a desirable gun for the whole family.

The cross bolt safety is easy to employ and the trigger safety stops the gun from firing whilst the lever is open. There is also a small red post which sticks out of the magazine cover when the magazine is locked into place.

The drawbacks

To be honest, I have not found many when it comes to the Walther Lever Action. I guess not being able to easily put a scope on it is slightly annoying.

Also the rear sight elevator wedge can easily be lost. It is not secured tightly so best to be careful when putting it into your bag as it can slip off quite easily.

The biggest drawback is that it’s not really considered “neighborhood friendly” due to the noise as it measures about 4 (medium-high) in volume, but for most people this is not a major issue.

Is it a high achiever?

I think you know what I am going to say here. It is ridiculously consistent, and that’s what we all want from a high quality air rifle. Velocity is not impacted by the cooling created after each consecutive shot. And although it is not a long range gun, its trajectory towards the target remains reliable.

Who can shoot it?

Because the Walther Lever Action is so easy to shoot and fun to use, everyone will just love it.

It’s the perfect gun for the whole family. From kids all the way up to adults in the family. You can use it for plinking and target practice and it’s a whole day of fun for everyone.

In short, it feels like the real thing and is a quality air gun that does not disappoint.

Walther Lever Action .177 Caliber Pellet Gun Air Rifle

Final roundup of the Walther Lever Action

Look I like this air gun. I like it a lot.

It’s fun, it’s consistent, it feels nostalgic. Everyone can enjoy it. And it’s safe! It’s accuracy also continues to blow me away and I feel pure joy working its lever action.

It looks great with its rich walnut stock and black finish. And to top it off, Walther have even included the metal saddle ring similar to the one found on a Winchester 1894 for that authentic “old school” look.

When they designed it, they knew that it would appeal to anyone with some cowboy calling in them.

In fact, the only disappointment you will experience is the fact you have wasted your time not having one in your arsenal.

With a warranty of 1 year, you are safe in the knowledge that if you have any problems, you are covered for 12 months.

So if you are on the fence and considering buying one of these Walther Lever Action co2 air rifles, trust me, this gun will not disappoint. If you already have a collection of air rifles, this one will quickly make its way to your top favorites. Go get one and go have yourself a whole lot of fun.

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