Gamo Swarm Maxxim Air Rifle Review

Gamo Swarm Maxxim Air Rifle Review

Even though there are many companies that manufacture various types of air rifles, you’ll find that the Swarm Maxxim air rifle, which first premiered in 2017, is the one to watch out for.

It’s innovative and has cutting edge features that make it unique, yet dependable.

Gamo Swarm Maxxim Air Rifle

Why the Gamo Swarm Maxxim?

Airguns are known for their accuracy and power, but they always had a design flaw. They weren’t able to fire shots repeatedly.

The Swarm Maxxim, on the other hand, is the world’s first 10-shot break barrel air rifle. This means you can use this patent-pending feature to fire up to 10 pellets, one after the other before you need to reload. This allows for faster loading, repetitive shooting, without too much effort or strain.

It has a single cocking system which uses a 10-round rotary-style magazine with an indicator that counts the number of pellets as you fire away.

General Features of the Gamo Swarm Maxxim

The Swarm Maxxim is available in both a .177 cal and .22 cal, though both have the same great features. Read on for more reasons why the Swarm Maxxim air rifle could be your next best buy.

Inert Gas Technology (IGT)

The Gamo Maxxim includes a feature known as the Inert Gas Technology (IGT) Gas Piston, which provides increased accuracy, consistent power, steady durability, all with way less vibration.

It works using a pneumatic cylinder which replaces the outdated spring found in older versions of airguns. This enables you to have more terminal velocity with a smoother and less tiring cocking effort.

Gamo Swarm Maxxim Air Rifle - Multishot

Two-stage CAT (Custom Action Trigger)

The Maxxim prides itself on its two-stage independently adjustable CAT. This feature gave me a smooth and crisp trigger pull with higher levels of accuracy. Plus, I could adjust each stage separately, according to my trigger needs.

Recoil Reducing Rail

There’s also a Recoil reducing rail to eliminate any problems that arise during the recoiling process. This is due to the presence of the 2-piece aluminum construction rail. Each piece is separated from the other by durable, yet lightweight, struts.

The Scope

The design of the Gamo Swarm Maxxim maximizes the lifespan of the 3-9 x 40 scope. The 3-9 range gave me 3 times to 9 times closer to what I could see with the naked eye. This provided a clearer, sharper image.

Meanwhile, the number 40 is the diameter of the objective lens in millimeters.

During my Swarm Maxxim review, I tried the scope which Gamo claims to be fog-proof, waterproof, and shockproof.

It works perfectly in all weather conditions. It’s designed to fit well with the meticulously manufactured, synthetic stock. It’s nylon and filled with glass to give the Swarm Maxxim a lightweight, durable, all-weather finish.

More features of the scope:

  • 40 ft. to 12 ft. field of view
  • 5″ eye relief
  • Includes lens caps

Automotive-grade Glass-filled Nylon All-weather Stock

Since the stock is the main method of transfer of the recoil into my shoulder, I appreciated the fact that on the Swarm Maxxim 177, it was sturdy enough to absorb most of the recoil.

At the same time, it’s made of high quality, automotive-grade that gave me the support and assistance I needed when firing.

On top of that, this sturdy air rifle has a non-slip texture design both on the grip of the handle and the forearm.

What I Liked

  • 10x Quick-shot feature makes firing fast and smooth
  • Custom Action Trigger
  • Whisper Maxxim Sound Suppression
  • Smooth Action Trigger
  • Accurate, durable
  • Lightweight at only 5.64 lbs.
  • Cocking effort is 30 lbs
  • Adjustable cheek piece
  • Manual safety and automatic cocking safety system)
  • Reasonable Price
Gamo Swarm Maxxim Air Rifle - IGT

What I Didn’t Like

  • No sling attachment points
  • Can be double cocked which means 2 loaded pellets in the breech, which could damage the 10x Quick-shot system
  • Can be dry fired, though it’s not an action not recommended by Gamo
  • The scope can be a bit limiting and hard to adjust
  • No iron sights

The Gamo Swarm Maxxim Unique Selling Points

These are the 3 features that stood out the most for me when I was reviewing the Gamo Swarm Maxxim.

Gamo Swarm Maxxim Air Rifle - Loading

10x Quick-shot Patent Pending Technology

This innovative feature makes shooting a quick and smooth process. The Swarm Maxxim uses a 10-round rotary-style magazine to help with repetitive shooting and faster loading.

All I had to do was cock the barrel, and I was firing repeatedly without the need for stopping and reloading. It was exhilarating and addictive. With a steady speed of 1300 fps, this is one fast air rifle.

Gamo Swarm Maxxim Air Rifle - Magazine

To use the Swarm Maxxim, I first put the safety mechanism on before placing the 10-round magazine in the breech. I then cocked the break barrel and placed it in its original position which automatically releases a pellet into the barrel breech.

Next, I released the safety mechanism and pulled the trigger. To continuously fire the next 9 shots, I repeated those two steps again and again. It really was that easy to use.

As I was firing, I could easily tell how many pellets I had left in the magazine because there’s an indicator in the magazine window, which counts the number of pellets I’m firing.

Once there were no more pellets, the indicator showed a warning triangle with a white dot. There was absolutely no need to worry about trying to keep count of my shots.

Whisper Maxxim Sound Suppression

Another great feature that I found to be beneficial is the Swarm Maxxim’s noise dampening feature, thanks to the presence of the one-of-a-kind Whisper Maxxim technology. This leading-edge technology works at keeping shooting noise down to a minimum.

It’s all possible due to the presence of 2 noise dampening chambers, which all in all, gave me an improved, quieter performance.

There’s also an improved muzzle break barrel design that’s low in weight because of the fluted polymer rifled steel barrel.

All these features work together to create one of the most modern sound suppression technologies from Gamo on the market today.

Shock Wave Absorber

Many rifle manufacturers simply place a foam, rubber, gel pad on the end of the rifle and call it a ‘shock absorber’. Others don’t even bother, forcing you to buy your own recoil pad and attach it to the stock either temporarily or permanently.

Gamo, however, has been developing its very own SWA recoil pad. It’s integrated into the butt of the airgun and has the sophistication to absorb more than 74% of the recoil impact.

I definitely felt less impact of the airgun recoil with this state-of-the-art shock absorption system.

This is a great advantage in my book because firing guns can sometimes cause shoulder injuries, fractures, and physical strain. But with the SWA technology, I felt comfortable and safe while handling the Gamo Swarm.

Gamo Swarm Maxxim 177 and 22 Calibre Air Rifle

Final Note On The Swarm Maxxim Air Rifle

If you’re looking for a lightweight, yet durable air rifle that’s built to last at a price that’s too good to be true, then the Gamo Swarm Maxxim 177 is the airgun for you.

The several patent-pending technologies, as the 10x Quick-shot, the Whisper Maxxim noise-dampening feature, and the Shock Wave Absorber feature makes for a smoother, more precise shot. All these components make it stand out from all the rest.

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