Crosman Pumpmaster 760 Variable Pump Air Rifle Review

Crosman Pumpmaster 760 Air Rifle Review

Are you looking to get your child into sport shooting? Or perhaps you still enjoy a spot of plinking in the backyard on a sunny afternoon. Maybe you want to go as an outlaw from the Wild West to a costume party? Either way, this BB gun will give you hours of fun.

Designed as an entry-level air rifle, the Crosman 760 Pumpmaster has all the features of the original 1960s Crosman 760 you, or other family members, may remember from childhood.

But before we get started, if you haven’t bought an air rifle before, you might be wondering who are Crosman?

Crosman 760 Pumpmaster Variable Pump Air Rifle

About Crosman

Crosman have been a leader in airgun innovation since the 1920s. The first air rifle Crosman designed and built, being a multi-pump pneumatic rifle, has continued to influence their design to this day.

There’s good reason why Crosman accounts for 83% of all American made or assembled airguns sold in America. In fact, Crosman are the only major airgun manufacturer with an online Custom Shop, allowing users to customize their air rifles and pistols with a range of personalized options.

Crosman’s credo of quality and innovation has meant consistently producing quality airguns and ammunitions that are recognised and sold in 63 countries around the world.

Pumpmaster 760 Features

For those who have grown up around air rifles, many would have owned an original 760 pumpmaster. Some may still have one floating around as the old styles are known to last!

Similar to the old 760, the newly redesigned Crosman Pumpmaster is loaded with great features. Something you’ll love about the new model is its variable pump and repeater firing capabilities.

The BB reservoir holds up to 1000 .177 caliber steel BBs, and you can then preload the internal magazine with up to 18 BBs.

To load the reservoir, simply pour a couple of hundred steel BBs in through the reservoir hole, then invert and shake to load 18 rounds into the chamber, and you’re ready to go!

When you’re ready to go plinking, just use slide the bolt backwards, the bolt has a magnetic probe that loads and secures the bb in place. Then, slide the bolt forwards and you’re ready to pump.

If, however, you’re shooting single-shot rounds with pellets, use the magazine clip to load 5 lead/alloy .177 pellets, and you’re ready for action. With either option you’ll be faster than ever at loading and hitting that target.

It takes generally between 3 to 10 (maximum) pumps for greatest impact. Crosman recommends this amount which will easily send your alloy pellet across the suggested range of 15ft at a rate of 700fps!

For safety, it also has a standard firearms safety cross bolt that will ensure no accidental firing during travel, storage and of course during reloading.

Crosman 760 Pumpmaster Air Rifle

The Good, the Bad, and the Add-ons


What we like about this airgun is its traditional styling and ease of use. Despite being described as ‘reinvented’, it still follows a similar design of the Crosman 760 Pumpmaster air rifle from the 1960s.

We love that you can load so many BBs into the reservoir, and that it feeds directly into the loading chamber. We’re even partial to the 5-slot clip for that hint of yester-year.

Now, when it comes to the general construction of this rifle, we really can’t fault how this airgun is built. The stock is formed from a robust synthetic polymer material. It’s weather resistant and able to withstand hours of outdoor use.

It also comes with a smooth bore barrel that’s made from steel, so it should see you through years of use.

The Pumpmaster 760 also comes with a fixed blade front sight and adjustable elevation sight at the rear.

As standard the rifle comes with a 5-round clip, however, shooters will benefit from the generous reservoir that holds hundreds of steel BBS, or the single-shot magazine clip for either lead or alloy .177 pellets.

These features make the Crosman 760 Pumpmaster one of the most versatile air rifles on the market.

Crosman 760 Pumpmaster Air Rifle - Stock


What we don’t like though is the plastic feel that seems to have taken over this newer version of the Crosman Pumpmaster. It doesn’t at all feel like the solid and reliable airsoft gun from our parent’s or own childhoods, despite what the nostalgic video says.

We know there have been many comments made about this disappointing development, so it’s hopeful that Crosman will fix this annoyance.

Some purchasers have also commented on the amount of strength required to pump the action, that it’s too difficult for younger children. With this in mind we’d suggest building up some muscles, or saving this airsoft gun until your junior shooter is physically up to the challenge.

However, this worry is overcome by the fun of this air rifle, because it is just that, fun. It’s not meant as a serious shooter’s gun, it’s considered more of a toy really, and with that in mind, it’s a fine one at that.

Pumpmaster 760 Rifle Options

Due to the on going popularity of the 760 Pumpmaster, and that it is a great option for young teenagers learning to shoot, Crosman usually have a few different variants of this air rifle available.

You can usually find some being sold that have a fun blue or pink coloured stock which is perfect for the younger ones who may want something a little different that the standard black or brown.

Crosman 760 Pumpmaster Air Rifle - Pink
Crosman 760 Pumpmaster Air Rifle - Blue


Other accessories that might interest you are the Crosman Tactical Airsoft Mask, Crosman Flexble Airsoft Goggles, or even the Elite ForceFlex kit which will also increase safety and lower risks of accidental injury.

If you’re looking for more to do with this toy, then you may want to consider the Pumpmaster 760 with Red Dot Sight, or the range of targets available including Zombies, Spinning target, Shatterblast, Auto-Reset targets, and collapsible Pellet Trap.


What’s an air rifle without some reliable ammunition? So, don’t forget when you order your rifle to order some Crosman BBS or Crosman pellets as the 760 Pumpmaster doesn’t come with any included ammunition.

760 Pumpmaster Troubleshooting & Warranty

If you do happen to have any problems with this purchase, don’t forget to speak to the sales person or company directly. Crosman do offer a limited one-year warranty on their Pumpmaster rifles, and this includes Crosman 760 Pumpmaster parts.

Crosman 760 Pumpmaster Air Rifle - Brown

Crosman Pumpmaster 760 Verdict

It’s a great little air rifle for the junior shooter in your family, for some fun times plinking away at targets in your backyard or nearby woods, maybe even taking out the odd rodent that’s causing you headaches.

The Crosman Pumpmaster 760 comes with its massive reservoir that can literally hold hundreds of rounds of BBS, or you can use the 5-slot single-shot magazine for .177 pellets. With options like these, the Crosman Pumpmaster will keep you happily shooting away for as long as your arm can pump the action.

Also, don’t forget, it also comes in a range of colors – a different one for every shooting member of the family – and with a selection of accessories this will ensure you have hours of fun taking down a variety of targets.

It won’t be the answer to all of your game shooting needs, it’s not that type of airgun, but when you can shoot both BBs and pellets, you can’t really go wrong.

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