Black Ops Sniper Air Rifle Review

Black Ops Sniper Air Rifle Review

The Black Ops Sniper Rifle is a .177 calibre air rifle, and can be used with any .177 pellets. It’s a perfect air rifle for shooting small game and eradicating pests such as squirrels, rats and starlings.

Features of the Black Ops Sniper Air Rifle

Basic features include a rifled barrel, 44″ in total length, and can reach up to 1000 fps. Once sighted, it’s accurate up to 100 yards.

It’s a break barrel air rifle and holds only one pellet at a time. For those who aren’t sure how a break barrel air rifle works, the basic concept is that when you pull the barrel down it cocks the rifle. You then load the pellet, push the barrel back up which locks it in place. It then launches the pellet using a gas powered spring piston.

Black Ops Tactical Sniper Air Rifle

You will require a bit of strength to cock this air rifle, and it may not be suitable for young children/teenagers to use as they generally won’t have the upper body strength to do this repeatably.

Another thing to note is that when you cock this type of rifle, it automatically sets the safety so it can’t be accidentally fired. Before taking a shot, the safety will need to be released.

As you have to cock this air rifle for each shot, if you like to put pellets down range quickly, this might get a bit tedious loading one pellet each time. However, due to the high velocity that this air rifle produces, cocking it each time is actually the best way for consistent shots.

The benefit though of break barrel air rifles is you don’t need to worry about refilling with a pump or CO2 cartridge!¬†For the best results and to ensure a high level of accuracy when shooting, it’s always a good idea to purchase quality ammo.

It has been made using Power Piston Technology. In comparison to the older spring powered air rifles, it has a longer lifespan and also increased consistency over time.

To avoid spooking game and to keep the noise to a minimum, it does include an attached suppressor which helps make it a bit quieter. Note that there is a cheaper model of this air rifle that looks like it has a suppressor, but it is just cosmetic. Also, depending on the ammo you select, you may still end up breaking the sound barrier and still get a crack when using. 

For the type of air rifle, it is on the heavier side – out of the box it weighs about 8lbs, plus any accessories you add to it.

For it’s size, it is quite powerful and has a bit of kick to it. Although it has the suppressor, it is still loud in comparison to air rifles such as the Gamo Whisper Fusion. It has a smooth trigger pull, but doesn’t tell you how to reduce pull on trigger though.

Black Ops Sniper Air Rifle

To make it look more like an actual tactical sniper rifle, the manufacturer has incorporated a bolt to make it look more authentic. However, this bolt is definitely not functional!

If you want to customize your air rifle, you can accessorize and add your own scope using the 6 inch tactical rail. It also has an adjustable cheek rest to get it sitting comfortable for you.

Lastly, the 1yr warranty from the manufacturer helps give a bit of piece of mind when buying.

Review of the Black Ops Sniper Rifle Accessories

This air rifle comes with several accessories as standard. For those that are experienced, they will seem useless and you will most likely end up wanting to upgrade them straight away. For beginners, these will at least get you started.

To start with, it does come with a 4×32 scope, plus basic covers to help keep it protected. As to be expected for the price range of this item, the scope is poorer quality in comparison to what you can find on the market. If you are a beginner, it will definitely get you started and having fun. Upon receiving the air rifle, you will also need to mount the scope and adjust things such as eye relief, elevation and windage to suit you.

Black Ops Sniper Air Rifle - Scope and Bipod

If you want to use this air rifle seriously, be prepared to purchase another scope to replace the one it comes with. If you put something like a 3/9/56 scope on it, you can easily get this air rifle shooting very accurate at 50 yards. If you just don’t want to bother with a scope, it also comes with a dot sight.

The adjustable bipod is another accessory that comes with the Black Op Sniper rifle. The legs can extend from about 8″ out to 10″ and if they’re not needed, they can be moved out of the way by folding them up.

Some buyers have found that the bipod legs are not as stable as those of a much higher quality bipod, so they could seem a little floppy when using them. If they seem loose, you can try putting it on with locktite for a more secure fit.

One obvious let down is that this air rifle has no sling attachments. If a sling is a requirement, you will need to look at getting the attachments mounted yourself.

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