Bleeding Zombie And Reactive Splatter Shooting Targets

Awesome Bleeding Zombie And Reactive Splatter Shooting Targets

Whether you’re an experienced shooter or a beginner needing to practice your marksmanship, targets are an essential component to any shooters collection. With so many different options on the market, it may be confusing on which targets you should be buying.

Personally, we love targets that are classed as “splatter or reactive”, as they give great visual feedback on where your shots are landing. Plus we can’t deny that bleeding targets are heaps of fun to shoot at – especially when they look like a zombie and start bleeding everywhere with a well placed shot!

Below are our favourite four target options, giving you a range of bleeding, splatter and reactive targets to try out. These are all great for different purposes, and you will have lots of fun taking shots at any of them.

3D Bleeding Zombie – Chris

ZMB Industries - 3d Bleeding Zombie - Chris

While you are preparing for the zombie apocalypse, why not spend some time practicing your shooting skills on an actual life like zombie tactical mannequin target.

The best part is that it is made of biodegradable materials so no need to worry about having to pick up all the blown off pieces, plus it even oozes blood when you shoot. It won’t bleed out all at once either, due to it having a layer of multiple paint capsules under the outer skin that break open once shot.

To make it even more life like, you can attach a pair of jeans to the bottom of it. Be warned, it might even accidentally scare the dogs and kids. Once you’re done, it can also be used as an awesome halloween prop.

Triumph Systems – Threat Down Bleeding Splatter Shooting Targets

Triumph Systems - Threat Down Bleeding Splatter Shooting Targets

Made out of hard cardboard, these are tough targets! They will stand up to a wide range of calibers on them, from BBs and pellets to .308 ammunition. They can take a lot of abuse! You can put a ton of shots down range, and this target will just keep bleeding.

The Triumph System splatter targets provide great visual response, with different colors for the heart and lungs, and will hold up for longer than typical paper reactive targets.The paint packs are sturdy and difficult to accidentally puncture. With smaller calibers, it’ll take more well placed shots to get the blood flowing.

Even after they are no longer viable as a reactive target, they can then still be used as a static target. Once you have, you can even finish this target off with a 12 gauge and have a whole lot of fun destroying it.

These bleeding targets are a bit pricier than typical paper ones, so you most likely won’t be dragging them out for your regular range practice, but they are great to bring out for special occasions or a bit of fun.

Big Dawg Targets – 12 x 18 Triple Silhouette Reactive Splatter Shooting Target

Big Dawg Targets - 12 x 18 Triple Silhouette Reactive Splatter Shooting Target

These are great splatter targets for beginners. At a size of 12×18 inches, and at a reasonable price, they are a great option to take to the range. The triple silhouette target is printed on heavy duty card stock, they won’t tear apart when they are shot like paper targets.

For those who are want to improve their marksmanship, you have 8 different targeting areas giving you a lot of options to shoot at. The best part of splatter targets is that you can see exactly where you hit after each shot, helping you to improve your grouping and accuracy quickly.

The blue target area also makes seeing your sights easier ensuring your aim is spot on. The best part with these type of targets is that there is no need to bother to bring your target in when your grouping. The bright florescent splatters stand out against the blue and black targeting areas, so you can see each individual shot. Even at up to 200yards, they are still highly visible!

If you are using these targets away from the range, you can easily make up your own stand for these great targets. We definitely recommend you have a stash of these on hand as they are great for any occasion.

Splatterburst Targets – 8 inch Stick & Splatter Reactive Self Adhesive Shooting Targets

Splatterburst Targets - 8 inch Stick & Splatter Reactive Self Adhesive Shooting Targets

Slightly different to the typical paper or card targets, these adhesive targets can be stuck on nearly anything. These are relatively cheap to purchase, so they are great for those who want to get a lot of shots down range or beginners needing to practice.

They also have 5 targeting areas, giving you several options to shoot at. Each target also comes with extra adhesive covers ensuring you get the most use out of each individual target. With a strong adhesive backing, they’ll even stand up to the rain. No need to worry about the target or any covers falling off in a bit of bad weather.

The other great thing is that Splatterburst Targets aim for high quality and their targets are made in the USA. They’re really focused on customer support as well. They state that if you’re not completely satisfied with the targets for any reason, you can simply return them for a full refund, no questions asked. Can’t ask for more than that!

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