Fun Plinking Targets For Air Rifle Accuracy

Fun Plinking Targets That Will Improve Your Shooting Accuracy

Spending an afternoon at home plinking is a great way to relax and get in a bit of target practice to keep your shooting skills up.

Although there are lots of homemade DIY plinking target ideas for those who want to get a bit creative themselves or need to find some targets on a budget, there is also a whole range of entertaining and challenging targets being made for those who want to try something different.

We have put together a list of fun plinking targets that are available to buy, which will not only provide a good laugh for family and friends who might be watching, but also help you improve your shooting accuracy by continuing to practice and test your skills with different types of targets.

fun plinking targets

Jumping Targets

Jumping Targets AR500 Steel Reactive Shooting Targets

These targets, which jump back each time you hit them, make for hours of fun. Made of four reversible sided targets, you spend less time setting up targets and more time actually practicing your shooting in quick succession.

The targets will also make you improve your accuracy by ensuring you hit the target as close to the centre as possible. If you don’t, it will either not flip over, or throw it off centre, making it even more challenging to continually hit your mark.

To make things even more fun and create a bit of competition, you can get two jumping targets and race your friends and family.  You can race by seeing who gets the furtherest along either by having a set number of shots each or a certain time limit.

Duelling Tree Target

Action Target Rimfire Dueling Tree

If you are looking for something that is much more exciting then just shooting at paper targets, then the duelling tree target will provide hours of shooting fun. It has six steel reactive plates that swing from one side to the other side when hit, allowing you to compete against friends all day and not have to go down the range once to reset the target.

Due to the forward leaning center stand, the targets are gravity reset. By using gravity to do the hard work, it doesn’t rely on springs or mechanisms. This makes it much more reliable and ensures all shooters continue to have a fun experience every time without the worry of easily breaking it.

It is also made of good, heavy steel and is very sturdy. Depending on what calibre you try, or looking for extra stability, placing some sandbags or weights on the legs will ensure it stays in place.

Tic Tac Toe Target Spinner

Gamo Tic-Tac-Toe Spinner Target

A family friendly game that combines shooting skills and strategy in one target. This fun target will provide hours of shooting entertainment for both adults and kids alike, whilst helping to improve you shooting accuracy.

As there is an X and an O on each plate, the player who succeeds in placing three perspective marks in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row wins the game. Although it can be hard to predict which side it will land on, you can still just aim, shoot and have fun until a winner is declared!

The target has a corrosion resistant powder coating finish and is of a sturdy durable construction for its size.

Ferris Wheel Target

VisiChalk Ferris Wheel Target System

The Champion VisiChalk target ferris wheel provides hours of shooting fun with your air rifle. Once loaded with the 9 VisiChalk targets, get ready for some continuous shooting.

The wheel rotates each time you hit it as the weight changes as when each target gets picked off. It’s a challenging game that helps you hone your shooting skills whilst providing interactive fun for all ages as it spins back and forth.

This ferris wheel target comes with 18 of the Visichalk colored chalk targets to get you started, and you can buy extra packs containing 48 targets. The targets are approximately 2.5″ in diameter and .25″ thick in size, and are environmentally safe as they are made out of non-toxic chalk. If you crumble them up you can easily wash them away or let the rain dissolve them over time.

VisiChalk 3 Multi-Color Targets

It is made with a sturdy metal frame to keep the pinwheel stable and it also comes with 3 extra holders in case any get damaged whilst shooting.

Competition Spinning Airgun Target

Gamo Competition Target Deluxe Spinning Target

This spinning target is a fun competition game which is designed for either 1 or 2 shooters using a pellet gun up to 1000FPS. Hit the orange target on the side to move the logo in the middle from one side to another.

A fun target to practice your aim on your own, or race against a friend and test your accuracy and speed. Either way it will help you hone your shooting skills whilst being enjoyable as you see the logo move across.

The target frame has a corrosion resistant powder coating. It is also easy to assemble and disassemble, making it perfect for storage or transporting it to and from the range.

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