Guide To Pest Control With Pellet Guns

Guide To Pest Control With Pellet Guns

One of the main reasons that people buy pellet guns is for pest control. If you have a garden and rabbits, groundhogs, and other animals find their way into the garden, you can end up losing most of your crop.

Even if you put a fence around the garden, it is still relatively simple for a motivated animal to get into the garden. It would be up to you to find a way to keep these animals away and save your crop. A pellet gun is an effective option.

It is not uncommon for a raccoon to get into your trash outside. A raccoon has almost human-like hands that allow them to get the covers off of trash barrels.

If you want to keep your trash from getting dumped on the ground each night and torn apart by animals, you need to find a way to keep them away. Again, a pellet gun is a great option.

Before hunting, you should read the following guide to pest control with pellet guns. The more informed you are, the safer and more effective you will be in eliminating the pests on your property.

The Types Of Pest That You Can Eliminate

There are plenty of pests that you can eliminate with a pellet gun, however, you need to know what you are doing.

The first lesson that you should learn is that when it comes to pests, pellet guns are not for discipline. If you are going to shoot an animal, you need to shoot to kill.

If you are going to kill an animal, you need to have a good reason like one of the reasons listed above. If you start shooting animals for sport, there is a problem.

Typically, smaller animals have thinner skin than humans, therefore, it doesn’t take much force to pierce the skin of the animal.

There are plenty of pests that you can kill with a pellet gun.

  • Squirrels: Squirrels are thin-skinned, however, they are able to take a lot of abuse. If you want to kill a squirrel, it is best to take a shot at the head.
  • Rats: Rats typically die easily. If you get a good body shot in the heart area, you will be able to take out a rat in one shot.
  • Woodchucks and Groundhogs: Woodchucks and groundhogs are more difficult to kill than rats but they are much slower. If you can get a good head or heart shot, you should have no problem taking out these critters.
  • Raccoon: A raccoon can be difficult to shoot because they often come out only at night and they like to hide in dark places. If you are able to get off a shot, it is best to hit it in the head or the heart.
  • Snakes: Snakes can be taken out with a pellet gun. If you point the muzzle of your gun at a snake and he sees it, he will likely line up his mouth with the muzzle of the gun. This is the best time to take your shot. This is not something that you should ever try on an aggressive snake, such as water moccasins. These snakes are fast and mean. There is a good chance that the snake will charge and get you before you have a chance to get him.
  • Birds: Birds are pretty hard to hit unless you are an excellent shot. They are also very tough. Seagulls, geese, and crows can take as much punishment as a large woodchuck or groundhog. Pigeons, starlings, and grackles are easier to kill if you are able to make the shot. You should understand that there are birds that you are not allowed to shoot because they are protected. A few examples are songbirds, buzzards, raptors, and all species of vultures. Also, you should never shoot any type of eagle. If you kill a bird that is protected, you could end up paying an expensive fine and you can also face jail time.

If you are planning to kill an animal with a pellet gun, make sure that you can go through with it. In most cases, after you shoot and hit the animal, there is no chance of it living for very long.

Do You Need a License?

The laws regarding pellet guns and licenses vary from state to state. If you are unsure if you need a license to shoot pests with an air gun, you should check with your particular state office.

The federal government doesn’t regulate pellet guns, however, some local government will. If you are planning to use a pellet gun to eradicate the pests from your house, yard, or barn, you should find out your local laws to keep from getting yourself into trouble.

In most states, if a teenager between the ages of 16 and 18 are going to be using the pellet gun, they will need to get an underage license. Again, it is best to check with your local police station or government office to find out the pellet gun laws in your area.

Risk Assessment

If you are going to be shooting pests that are invading your property, you need to understand the potential risks so that you can avoid accidents.

Before you shoot, you should make sure that there are no people in your line of sight. Although it is a pellet gun, it can still cause injury to a human. If you hit something and the pellet ricochets, it can still cause injury.

If you are going out to shoot pests with your pellet gun, it is best to make sure that there are no people in the general area.

If you are not careful, you can do damage to your home, your vehicle, an outer building, or something on your neighbor’s property. It is important that you take your time and you focus when shooting at an animal to keep from causing any damage.

If you accidentally shoot a person or if you damage a neighbor’s property, you could end up involved in a lawsuit. If you cause serious bodily harm, you could be looking at criminal charges.

It is very important that you are always aware of your surroundings before you shoot at your target.

What Is The Best Type Of Ammo To Use?

If you are hunting animals with a pellet gun, accuracy is important. The pellets that you choose for hunting differ from the pellets that you would use for target shooting. Target shooting works best when you work with lighter pellets. It is the opposite if you are trying to hunt annoying pests that have moved onto your property. Heavier pellets are accurate and they do the most damage. Some of the most popular types of ammo among hunters include:

Beeman Kodiak

Beeman Kodiak Extra Heavy .177 Cal, 10.6 Grains, Pointed, 300ct

RWS Superdomes

RWS Superdome Field Line 14.5 Grain .22 Caliber Pellet

Crosman Premier Pellets

Crosman LDP22 .22-Caliber Premier Domed Pellets (500-Count)

You have a right to protect your garden and your property from annoying pests. Hunting with a pellet gun is an effective way to get rid of the pests and it is one of the safest options. If you follow the guide to pest control with pellet guns, you should be able to safely eliminate your target.

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